So if we fall in front of the relationship goals of some stars, sometimes they get dropped like jaja and it’s pretty horrible! Anthology
Quickly become relationship goals for many fans. A bit like Selena Gomez and The Weeknd who despite the polemics, make most of the Selenators dream. But while some celebrities spin the perfect love with their tender half, others end up tired … Result? A very awful little break that hurts the heart. Moreover, the editor of comes back with you on all those stars who have plated their ex HORRIBLE way. But no panico, love still exists!


While living a lovely romance with Perrie Edwards, Zayn did not hesitate to break like a man by talking to him face to face. No … We joke;) According to the statements of the singer of Little Mix in their book “Our World”, the boyfriend Gigi Hadid simply dropped it by SMS: “Today I am much more Happy and much stronger than before I bought a new house and I feel like I have regained my independence after all the hardships I’ve been through, it was horrible, the worst part of my life A four-year relationship and a two-year engagement that ended with a text message, a simple text message, even though everything was going well in my career at the time, it was really a tough time for me.

Jai Brooks

As they spun the perfect love and made their fans dream, Jai Brooks and Ariana Grande broke up. And it was not the most sympathetic period for the singer. The reason ? The 21-year-old musician left Ari by text. “The worst way I was dropped was probably by SMS. It was the very first night of my tour just before I went on stage,” Ariana Grande told an interview for Complex Magazine.

Calvin Harris

All the same for Calvin Harris who did not do things in half. The British DJ has simply tweeted that he was no longer in a relationship with Rita Ora when she was not even aware … We are still looking for where the respect came from.

Joe Jonas

The most famous break is probably between Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift. And it was the singer herself who told everything about Ellen DeGeneres’ platter in 2008. Blank Space interpreter admitted that the ex-member of the Jonas Brothers Left when she was 18 years old on a call that did not last more than 27 seconds. Ouch!Apparently, the handsome brown reiterated a few years later by breaking with Gigi Hadid by phone if one believes the revelations made by Ok! Magazine.

Charlie Puth

But the palm of extreme goujaterie probably returns to Charlie Puth. The singer did strong since when he was younger, he separated from his very first girlfriend with a post-it. Yes, you read correctly ! The interpreter of “We Do not Talk Anymore” was in sixth grade and it happened during their English course. Friendly! And you, have you ever been dropped in a horrible way?