Change of season does not mean total change of wardrobe: all these pieces can continue to accompany us during the spring

We waited for it and it is there, the spring, definitely leaving behind the cold of beggars and gray time depressive to wish. But let’s not be so quick about the change of season, because if the calendar ensures that the winter is over, we will have to wait until May to “do what we please”. In other words, the weather still leaves us a few weeks completely schizophrenic where neither good old XXL down jackets nor our little skirts in denim will have room. On the other hand, these 8 clothes that have been bled all the winter will still be current in the spring and it falls well, because we did not leave an arm to abandon them in the slightest ray of sun – even if one Can no longer see them in painting. To spare our bank account for a while, here are the fashionable pieces to keep and wear in the summer.

Our long wool coat

Unless we live in a hyper-cold area (we will not stigmatize anyone: p), we will have to resolve to put away our quilted jacket to save space in our closets. On the other hand, the long mantle that has been transported for 4 seasons can be stored without difficulty, not only because it is unavoidable, but because it adapts more easily to changes in temperature.

Our knitted sweater

If we wore it under a thick mantle in winter, we can dare to wear it alone (or under a perf ‘) in the spring, in order to avoid a good sweat. On the contrary, it should not be worn on the skin: it would be wrong not to remove it in the event of a hot flash.

Our leather pants

Girls like Gigi Hadid wore it all winter, except that in California, they did not have to accommodate it with jackets, boots and caps. So, after having seen it so much wearing denim shirts, crops tops and sneakers, we are convinced that our slim leather will be perfect for our French spring. But at the beginning – we advise against it in early June, when the sun will hit your thighs.

Our top / frilly dress

Everywhere this winter, the froufrous will continue to sweep on the sphere in the spring, and we are not dissatisfied: it was not intended to separate after having worn a single season (and the planet , in all of that ?!). Until April, our flying sweaters will continue to be law, and they will be traded for our cut-out blouses bought last summer in May. That’s wardrobe damping!

Our waders

OK, they are technically boots, but the waders adapt as well in spring as in winter without doing task. But to make them more consistent with the season, one forgets the opaque tights, or one mixes them with shimmering colors.

Our pants / skirt / vinyl overcoat

A bit like our leather pants, our vinyl piece statement will continue to officiate in the spring, especially if it is colored. If not, it is ensured to associate it with lighter or even transparent materials, to break the rigidity of the material.

Our top / dress / lace skirt

Timeless, the lace had done the beautiful hours of winter 2016/2017, affixed on slip dresses, tops nightie or even skirts. And to our delight, she will continue to stylize our spring. Besides, this is where we will have fun most with;)

Our fishnet pantyhose

The fashionista are only beginning to appropriate it, it is not to abandon it illico. Instead of socks or purely aesthetic under pants, fishnet pantyhose will even be more popular in the spring, allowing the most chilly to appropriate the trend they have been for weeks.

Finally, many of our winter must continue to accompany us in the spring, since transitioning from one season to the next is really a question of associations: everything is knowing how to blend with skill Thick / dark / opaque pieces with others lighter and lighter. And if you make fun of reusing your winter coins in the summer, free to do a shopping session to replace them!