We are in 2017 and still today, some imagine living in the Middle Ages, when women had neither the right to decide nor to speak. After centuries of feminist struggle, women have won some victories but clearly, the current climate reminds us that they have not won the war.

But because we girls, we are warriors, we will not give up anything. So if you were wondering what it is still useful to be a feminist, we have some arguments.


If you are used to transportation (or not, for that matter), then you know this famous dilemma of holding: if she takes public transport, a girl tends to leave her pretty skirt with ruffles in the closet to put on a Jean informs and boots of cosmonaut in place of his heels (which cost him an blind, by the way). All this for what ? To spare herself the “Mademoiselle!” “Very heavy we all heard one day. And again, if there was only that. Because some are often as inspired as a stuffed poet, you get pearls. Some are funny, others a little less. And that, in 2017, is not normal.


A woman should be able to carry what she wants (when she wants), without being afraid to take an observation. When we say something to her, Emily goes up to the front on Twitter and does not care what the haters could answer. And we thank her for that. Because in our day, a woman should be able to carry what she wants without being judged.


We are in the 21st century and yet men and women are not yet totally equal. One could spend hours explaining to you that the developing countries still have a long way to go, but the worst thing is that the situation is not more brilliant in the so-called “developed” countries. Misogyny is still present, or even a little too much. Between Donald Trump and his hard-to-accept remarks, and the women who are daily subjected to remarks by their colleagues or men in general, it is said that some have definitely retained nothing of history. But, breaking news! Women are as competent as men, as intelligent as they are, and more often than not, they are much more capable of managing a crisis situation – and yeah.


At present, the gap between the wages of men and women is 26%. Yes, you read correctly: 26%. In other words, even if a woman carries out the same activity as a man (and even if she is capable of being more efficient – in addition, as science says), she earns less than him, on the pretext that ‘she is a woman. But what you often forget is that a woman lives two days in one. Yes, they work. But when some men leave work at 6 pm to enjoy their evening, the women run to the local Monop ‘for shopping, they juggle between the dinner, the homework and the children’s baths and they find The time to do a laundry so that gentleman has clean clothes to work

A sense of temptation

Cyrenaica girls feelings, beauty and gravity, you can not resistance because you know that very well  😜.

Happy women day 💋




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