After Outlander, Starz draws his new series: The White Princess. In the line of Reign, follow the story of the King and Queen of England, Elizabeth of York and Henry VII.
It will be necessary to pass our sadness on another series to look at. Imagine we have a little news to propose, fans of Reign you just go a-do-rer! Starz unveiled the trailer of his new opus – a story to make us wait until the third season of Outlander certainly – and frankly there is something to put in the teeth. The White Princess is from a novel of the same name and tells the story of Elizabeth of York, who is to marry the future King Henry VII of England. You start to see the relationship with Reign ..?

Trailer speaks volumes about what lies ahead: conspiracy, revenge, power, manipulation, sex … In short! Exactly what we need to exalt our evenings duvet & chill;) Jacob Collins-Levy, who plays the role of Henry, is more not ugly to look at and would almost give him an air of Toby Regbo (Coincidence? do not think so) ! The heroine side that must seize its power has something frankly tempting and we are eager to see how the young Jodie Comer will get by.