A curious trend is in full Fashion Week. Gigi and Bella Hadid, designers, all wear the white bandanna and amazing thing Donald Trump is at the origin of this trend!

Gigi Hadid at Tommy Hilfiger, Bella Hadid at Prabal Gurung, Naomi Harris on front row Calvin Klein, all wear a white bandana in this New York Fashion Week and it’s no coincidence. #tiedtogether is the latest initiative launched by Business of Fashion to combat exclusion and ambient hostility. Wearing the white bandana is believing “in unity and inclusiveness for all mankind” according to Business of Fashion. At a time when America is closing its borders to certain communities with the Muslim Ban and many Americans are embarrassed by the actions of Donald Trump, each one of them has his initiative according to his means. Until then silent compared to other major industry, fashion joined the movement with the initiative #tiedtogether

To participate is simple, just wear a white bandanna and get photographed with it. Readers, photographers, mannequins and of course designers, all are invited to participate in the #tiedtogether movement. And it falls well, in full Fashion Week of New York. For now, they are several to have dressed their mannequins of white bandanas in sign of support. At the opening of Fashion Week, we remember Gigi Hadid at the Tommy Hilfiger parade and her bandana tied at the wrist. But it is not the only designer to have joined the movement. Tadashi Shoji, Christian Cowan, Joseph Altuzarra and Prabal Gurung also attended. Besides, Bella Hadid wore a bandana on her wrist and a t-shirt with the message “The Future Is Female.” On the Prabal Gurung podium. It is also said that Phillip Lim intends to join the movement.


Solidarity. Unity. Inclusiveness. #tiedtogether

Une photo publiée par 3.1 Phillip Lim (@31philliplim) le


The bandana has established itself on the podiums but also on the front rows and in the street. We saw Naomie Harris in the front row of Calvin Klein wearing her bandana around the neck when the street style queens proficient to wear the accessory in the most original way. “We want to launch a global movement within the fashion industry to show the power of unity and inclusiveness and encourage fashion aficionados and even people outside the industry to follow us. ”

If Business of Fashion insists on the fact that the initiator is anything but political, one can imagine that the presidency of Donald Trump is not for nothing! Indeed, since its arrival at the White House, the fashion industry takes sides, which is so silent of usual. By simple acts, such as the refusal to dress the First Lady, industry takes sides without a makeup. And to follow the move, just order the famous bandana on the tiedtogether site of Business of Fashion. There, Internet users are also invited to make donations to the ACLU and UNHCR (the American Union for Civil Liberties and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) to show their support – non-political therefore.