First Instagram, then WhatsApp and now messenger, Facebook has finally made all of their social media platforms ‘Stories’ enabled. This time they named it ‘Messenger day’, but it is the same we are seeing right from Snapchat.

In a blog post, Stan Chudnovksy, head of product for Messenger announced that Facebook would be launching the service globally.

The stories will appear on the top of the Messenger App


The users can update their Messenger app to get this feature. All they need is to tap the camera icon to update the story. The story updated will last for 24 hours as it does on all the platforms. The user can also see the people gone through their stories.


All the features in the ‘Messenger day’ are same as the ones we see on other platforms like – WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat.

The reason for this introduction can be the decreasing popularity of Facebook Messenger due to the fact that Facebook forces users to download it.

How it works


Updating personalised stories is very simple, the user just needs to tap on the camera icon>click or upload photo>personalise>update. The ‘Messenger Day’ is available on Android and iOS now.

Snapchat stories

All the story features which are introduced on Facebook’s properties are the replica of Snapchat.

 WhatsApp re-introducing the ‘text status’ back

WhatsApp users also got the status story updates recently replacing the old ‘text status’, but the feature faced a massive hate resulted into the re-introduction of the text status.

Video showing how the ‘Messenger Day’ works


Facebook is also facing trolls on social media


Messenger Day