Finally, after months of speculation and rumors Google announced recently a new television service called Youtube TV name that comes to compete with television networks, he said Google in a statement that users always wish that television becomes like YouTube to be able to watch what they want at any time, where he meets this service the needs of the new generation who spend more than a billion hours a day watching the contents of YouTube.

What Youtube TV service?

Youtube TV is a service that allows users to watch TV on YouTube and at the same time and place they can see all the other contents of the video, where everyone can now finally choose what they want to watch and what not imposed on them, the new service, according to Google is the cable service Default resemble television cable services like Sling TV and DirecTV which comes in response to the aspirations of Google to expand their reach in this area where aspiring through Youtube TV to transform the service platform to enable everyone to watch the video and television at the same time and same place.

What are the TV channels they contain Youtube TV service?

Youtube TV service will enable you to access the live television broadcast to more than 40 TV channel where you’ll be able received content of the largest broadcast networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox, as well as sports coverage from ESPN service, as well as popular cable networks such as FX and MSNBC as well for many regional sports networks.
In addition to the above will enable the service from free access to service Youtube Red is a service Show is free from YouTube contains many features such as the removal of all advertising from YouTube, including banners and signage as well as remove the ads from the beginning and the middle of the video, as well as search advertising and ads Home.

The advantage of the service also Cloud DVR feature where the user can record an unlimited amount of television content and save it in the cloud, and the recordings will be available for a period of nine months, and the user can access it at any time on any of its devices.

For smart devices will be made available on an application service Youtube TV will be a separate application from the application of the basic YouTube, and will be applied to the many benefits of the most important communication with the customer service and technical support via e-mail or chat or direct calls.

The application will also contain a library section which will enable you to find the content that you saved earlier in Favorites, as applicable to the important information about the channels and shows, people and episodes who see them or following them will contain.

How much is the Youtube TV service cost?

According to Google, the new service will be the involvement of a monthly rate of US $ 35 which will enable the subscription of six people from viewing content and will be for both of them Cloud account separate DVR so that it can store what he wants from the content, but according to Google, the only three people from among the six participants in the Order one they will be able to view the content of the service at the same time.

In addition the former Order allowed Google additional subscriptions to other channels if you want to see the Showtime network you will have to pay an additional $ 11, but if you want to subscribe to Fox Soccer Network, which broadcast the FIFA World Cup and the Champions League and CONCACAF Champions League you will have to pay $ 15 per month plus $ 35 in the basic subscription service fees.

When will launch Youtube TV service?

Google did not specify a specific date for the launch of the service, but announced vaguely that the service will be available in the coming months, which means that the service with its own application will be available this year.