Vincent Willem van Gogh (March 30, 1853) was a Dutch painter who presented outstanding works of beauty. Emotional honesty and dark color were two distinguishing features that had a far-reaching impact on twentieth-century art.

Van Gogh began painting as a child, and continued for many years and led to his decision to become an artist. It was said that he did not begin filming until his late 20s, and completed a collection of his works known during the last two years of his life.

1. He was probably suffering from mental and mental disorders

One day, he grabbed the razor and cut the lower part of his left ear, according to some accounts, it is said to be the right ear.

2. A letter from Felix Ree, the doctor who treated Van Gogh during his stay in Arles, explaining the part that the painter had cut off from his left ear

3. After months of living in Paris, Gouche moved to the French city of Arles in the hope of forming a colony of artists, so the artist Gauguin lived with Gogh

4. But one day a dispute broke out between them, and Gogh was hit by a crazy fit and carried a knife to his friend Gauguin before turning him into himself.

Here he cut off his ear, but he did not get rid of it, but kept it and toured the streets of Arles before giving it to the saleswoman Hui.

5. He entered a mental clinic in San Remi and his condition is very volatile between madness and great creativity

And produced during this period his famous star-star painting:

6. He returned to live in a city close to Paris, but his mental health was very poor and he shot himself

He died at the age of 37 years, and this is the weapon that he thinks the painter fired at himself.