How many times did we review an e-store or saw an ad for a product and we liked it and wanted to buy it very much. The first thing that came to our mind was that our relative or our traveling friend would soon ask him to come with him or to send something to a relative or friend abroad. We were waiting for them to come and think and look for something we would like to buy. Others were looking at social networking sites that wanted this need and created content that was interested in this idea. The reason for fear is to buy back or send everything we need to To the same product value or more, or slow routes Shipping is currently available.
A group of young Egyptians were suffering from these difficulties, hence the idea of ​​creating a website and application called “Hitchhiker” to be the way to solve these difficulties, but how it works and how it will renew traditional shipping methods?

The idea will simplify the connection between people who want to use alternative means of shipping companies such as DHL, FedEx, to send or receive any money and time items, by travelers who have empty space in their luggage, and want to make money while traveling as well.

“I love traveling, I’ve been to 35 countries and more than 100 cities, and it was the most common thing in my travels to ask my friends and relatives to bring things to them. That’s where the idea came from.”

The idea is really creative. But the first question I found myself puzzled in his answer was how would I trust anyone I did not know about something I sent or asked him for? How will I ensure that he fulfills his mission? And indeed found that this problem was a top priority to find a solution and guarantees sufficient to them through several points:

  • All participants are verified on the website or application through personal proof, phone number, e-mail, and even bank accounts.
  • It is the right of the passenger to inspect the cargo himself and to verify its content, acceptance or rejection.

An estimated charge amount of up to $ 1,000 will be charged on any consignment sent or received.

Steps to send or receive

The sender or receiver creates a topic through the application showing the products he needs, and includes all the information needed for him in detail.

  • The traveler places his travel destination on the specific application in the city and time, and then wait until he communicates with someone who fits the destination of travel and time.
  •  For the correspondent or receiver can communicate with the appropriate traveler, and if not found the application will send a notification when a passenger is ready.
  •  When communicating between two parties and confirming personal information and initial approval, the negotiation phase will come.


Hitchhiker- Ship with a fellow traveler

Hitchhiker is a social network platform to connect Shippers with trusted travelers who want to make money while traveling 🙂

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Publié par HitchHiker sur vendredi 24 mars 2017