travel is good for a lot of things, research shows it also has the ability to increase our mental well-being. Travelling boosts your confidence, making you deal with unpredictable situations that may occur during travelling. The opportunity to meet new and exciting people during your journey, figure out confusing bus routes or even eat delicious strange food and haggle for enchanted lamps, travelling shows you a lot. It can create life lasting memories, giving you a break from the monotony and allowing you to have not just a fresher perspective on your life but also the people you are with. It’s almost like getting a new lease of life.

1. Enjoy New Experiences

Make this year when you create beautiful memories. Hold yourself accountable for discovering each other and rekindling your passion. Rather than worrying about updating your Facebook or Instagram, be in the moment, experience it. When we share a beautiful experience through travel with our partner, we create life lasting bonds.

2. Challenge Yourself

Travelling changes you. It encourages you to take more risks in your life and personal life. It pushes you to challenge the norm. Staying flexible and being open to adventure keeps you not only young at heart but it allows you to have a broader perspective of your life. If you have been scared of a situation or you have felt stuck forever unable to break the shackles of stagnation, take a risk, try something new and you will find windows of opportunity opening for you.

3. Create a travelogue

While you are creating memories, remember to catalogue them as well. Make a small journal or maintain a small blog, where you can document the places you visited, the food you ate, the small cafe with a kind old lady you visited everyday. With time we tend to forget the little details which can later bring a smile to our face.

4. Keep It Light

Baggage when carried light is manageable, plus it allows you move quickly at airports, train stations without seeking for help. Additionally, it will force you to discipline yourself and pack only what’s required. Less is more, the mantra for happy travelling.

5. Keep It Silly

Yes, fall in love, with a place – maybe with someone you meet during your travel. Keep your heart and mind open to the new experiences that you will encounter during your travel. There’s something enchanting about meeting someone and connecting with people when you are out of your comfort zone.

6.Find Yourself

Give yourself permission in this year to be true to yourself. Follow your passion. Take some time out for yourself and travel alone. Be with your thoughts, experience your journey as you alone can. Travelling alone takes you out of the stress zone of your daily grind that you might have got used to. When you travel alone, your conscious mind is able to connect easily with your subconscious and find solutions easily to problems you may have been facing. You get a better understanding of yourself, what is important, what makes you happy and the toxicity that needs to go away from your life, which may have become normal.

7. Discover New Places

Recalling memories of happiness can sustain a feeling of contentment long after the moment has passed, and new experiences are memories that can stick with you forever. Travel to places you have just seen in the map or read about in books. Expand your mind, expand your horizons. When you challenge yourself to experience new things, places, deal with people of different cultures it can give an altogether new perspective of your own limitations and strengths.