Summer is the last episode in the four seasons as we learned in the school, which is preferred by the human because it is a time of rest and enjoyment and travel and the signing of the best times with friends and family away from the hustle of the city and exhaustion of “daily routine” and pressure, to be the most beautiful conclusion of a difficult year and tired of study, Or both.

For each method of preparing for this warmest chapter and try to enjoy it as much as possible according to each country. Recovery, recovery then recovery. ⁠⁠

1. Get rid of winter clothes and replace them with summer clothes

2. Buy new clothes (light and cool)

3. Buy a cooling fan


4. Get used to drinking plenty of water

5. Prepare or buy cold drinks for recovery

6. Learn to prepare diverse powers

7. took a certificate of residence in the “shower”

8. “Summer and Fun”

9. Join a coastal city if you are in an inner city

10. Search for effective sunscreen and creams

11. Download new music more lively and active

12. Sign up for a gym to get a slim and sculptured body

13. Enjoy well, Hello summer!