Have you ever experienced that feeling when stuck in traffic jam for a long time without the benefit of this time, which it considers well spent? For some, especially those living in big cities, they are well aware of this sensation that accompanied in their daily lives. Hours and hours of continuous wait before it comes your turn in the traffic. Try all possible tricks in order to avoid, get out early, or password of another way, or any way the independence movement except your car, but it is definitely your thoughts every time will not succeed and will live someday the same scenario.

If you WONT people on the crowds, you will learn exactly these things, and if you’re someone who does not pin down the road a day, here also you have to do to pass the time.

1. scarring bad luck

He was able to go out at another time.

2. monitor the movements of pedestrians and analyze their behavior

3. take some rest

Especially if I woke up early, or after a long day of painstaking work.

4. launches a song on the radio and start singing

5. eat sweets

6. eat all what you find in your car

7. Then you wonder why he did not stay at home instead of this torment

At least you will not be the driver.



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