At the moment, the trend is leopard. But fashion is like a scratched disc, it always repeats itself at one time or another. But most often, there is no need to have a jacket printed pink or boots lamé to be styled: basics will always do the trick, know it. One often underestimates a pair of black boots or a good old-fashioned sweatshirt. And yet, they are essential trumps! Here are the 10 pieces that you do not always think about, and which are really real must-haves of the women’s locker room …

1. Leather trousers in black

Those who can afford it can definitely opt for real leather, but when you do not want to break your PEL, you choose faux leather. In winter, it’s the basic that will spare you hours and hours of hesitation in front of your wardrobe. Leather brings a rock side without any effort, it goes very well with sneakers, boots and about 90% of your accessories.

2. A camel coat

From time to time, one must know how to leave the black in the cupboard. Yes, black is classy, classy and all you want but sometimes it’s sad. That’s why we can prefer the camel, a much warmer color. Again, it goes with everything from denim to black through gray. One chooses a well cut and structured coat, history to be able to leave it at any occasion.

3. A boyfriend jeans (destroy)

He squatted our wardrobes for so long that he ended up becoming a basic. The boyfriend (torn, most often) is the perfect jeans of the weekend. Because we are not going to lie, the week we multiply efforts. But for two days, we allow ourselves to wear our good old jeans preferred ten times too wide and it feels good. With sneakers for the casual side, with boots for those who want to enhance the whole, each will find its account! Just, we choose it according to its morphology!

4. A loose cardigan

Because we all need a comfortable, warm and soft vest. A true basic of winter, it is above all a piece that agrees with everything. Then there is inevitably a cut that suits you: bat sleeves, ultra long sleeves, cache shoulders … we pass you and the best! To wear with jeans, a dress, a legging … in short, with everything.

5. A cashmere sweater

Unless you have lived in a cave in recent months, you have not been able to miss the democratization of cashmere. Before, this exceptional wool was reserved for a certain clientele and today, more and more brands and brands offer – for all budgets. Of course, we pay attention to the time of washing if we do not want to cry but clearly, it is a must have!

6. A body

Body changes life. Because we have all experienced this anguish of seeing our top come out of our high waist skirt / jeans, it is the piece that frees us from a weight while bringing a sexy touch – you make a stone two strokes. We opt for a simple body for the day (long sleeve, open back, V neck … the possibilities are multiple!) And for the evening, we stay on the black, inevitably! In short, the body is your best friend (and a great lingerie trump).

7. A sailor

This is one of the most revisited classics and yet, the original version does not get tired. The sailor goes everywhere, it matches with jeans as well as dressed pants and in addition, it breaks a total black look that brings out our pale complexion in winter. In summer, it works just as well with shorts and even white for the more daring.

8. A plain blue shirt

Some swear by the white shirt but as far as we are concerned, it will be blue – like white, it goes with everything. With a shorts in half the summer and even with a black suit, it will be perfect. It is preferred to the point of going to the men’s department. And if you can sting it to Jules, it’s even better (there are no small savings).

9. A gray sweatshirt

The sweatshirt, You do not learn anything by pointing out that the sweat is still a flagship piece this season but a simple sweatshirt remains your best friend in case of lazy (we all go by there). The advantage is that with the right accessories, it is immediately enhanced: you can push the vice streetwear with sneakers or make it all more classy with a suit jacket. Result, you are at ease and in addition, you are stylish.

A pair of black boots

Is it really necessary to specify the importance of this type of boots? In leather, in suede, flat, with heels … there too, all the combinations are possible and especially, all the blows are allowed. The boots will go with everything from your special flywheel dress to your leggings to golden sequins. And the most beautiful is that it corresponds to all styles: from the simplest to the most rocky through the most bohemian.