Stop it! If, like us, you are disappointed not to see Damon’s request for marriage, we have good news for you. Hang on, she’s in a cut scene.

In the final scenes of the Final of Vampire Diaries, one could see Elena happy with Damon and finally doctor. But because viewers never miss anything, everyone noticed the ring she wears when she finds her family. So she married Damon and we did not see her? WTF, Julie? That one does not see the ceremony is one thing. But the demand would have more than made up for Stefan’s loss (replacing tears of sadness with tears of joy, that’s the best way). Good news, this famous demand exists. She was just cut off at the editing.

“There is a scene we could not keep for lack of time,” explained Williamson to TV Guide. “There was a moment in the show where Damon asked Elena in marriage and she answered” after my medical studies. “The purpose of this moment was to show that she had become a doctor, and we thought” Well , We’ll put it on hold and we can cut this scene. “The only thing that can console us is that if all goes well, this famous scene will be in the bonus of the DVD.