The Boss Baby is still on top of box office box office American box office for the second week in a row, achieving 26 million 300 thousand US dollars.
“The Boss Baby” is taken from Marla Frazi’s same book of the same name that was presented in 2010. The book was awarded several awards and was named Best Sellers Bestseller List and also Best Children’s Book of 2010 by A Publisher’s Weekly. The movie is acclaimed by critics.

The sound performance of Boss Baby is played by Alec Baldwin, while actor Toby Meguiar plays “Tim” in maturity, and although the story is not mature enough, it offers children and younger ages less than teenagers, It addresses the hearts and not minds as explained in the work.

the story

The story revolves around a child who comes from a company responsible for children to spy on a company that produces dogs that can not grow in age, which will destroy the love of the children and the acquisition of small dogs, while the jealousy begins between the spy child and his older brother.


In “Animation” films, the difficulty lies in the ability of the script and its ability to attract the viewer or not. The picture, however good, can not be the attraction. The secret lies in the script, if it is good and attractive and carries meanings, and aesthetic images will enter the viewer’s mind. To his attention.

In this work, the story was not as interesting as its difference, though the other aspect of the cinematic work we see revolves around the fear that the machine will replace humans, that “robots” will be the refuge, and that man will disappear from the face of the earth.

The work gave me this obsession. The writer asked the question of adults who are afraid that the robot will replace human beings and produce dozens of works that revolve around this idea. What will happen to children’s minds if they think about who will replace them? The idea is that young dogs have the same pedigree as children, so I sensed, or developed, that the writer created the idea of ​​mania.

Some may agree with me, others will hate me, or they will have visions as I have seen them, but I’m finally convinced that this obsession is what dominated the storyteller, but no matter how different we are, the work is not for adults.

Psychological factor

There was a psychological factor in the work that went hand in hand with a review of events, a capacity for love and tenderness, as if it were the work message that he wanted to convey to the audience he was watching.

To confirm that he was the main message of the film, the director chose to end the love letter sent by the elder brother, in which he was preparing to give up his parents’ love for him for his sister, whom he initially envied. Despite my assertion that the story is only valid If you are watching the work, you will feel it, you may not like it, you may not feel that the story suits you, but it will address your passion, and certainly touch it, you may remember your childhood memories, or laugh at those Behavior idiots.

The abstract idea

I talked in my previous story about the end of the work to achieve what the director wanted to deliver from a letter, and although the director went to the right and left and swung in the hunt for children of small dogs, but he did not forget the victory of his abstract idea, namely love and sacrifice, that we did not study business management, but we realized The importance of participation, that was the sentence pronounced by the child at the beginning and end of work, that abstract idea that won her “love and participation.”


I mentioned in the introduction that the work cost $ 125 million. I have already imagined readers’ gestures after hearing this number in the production of Animation. I decided to answer the question with a single word: “Graphic.” Graphic designers are the highest paying, calculating the minute, motion, and scene. On the sums beyond imagination in order to exit the work in this way, they are fully responsible for it, and in return are making large sums, and indeed was a graphic work well, and the work was very precise and mastery.