In the biggest surprises Nike reveals Pro Hijab its sail specially designed for Muslim sportsmen. An advance that delights a lot and to discover without delay

In this day of the woman, here is a news that will delight more than one! Nike launches Nike Pro Hijab, a line of accessories for women athletes wearing the veil (because no, both are not antagonistic) and wanting to practice in the best way. Discreet, and in opaque black polyester, the Nike Pro Hijab exposes the face but conceals the hair to allow non-restrictive sport practice. The Nike pro Hijab is the result of 13 months of work by the creative teams of the house who wanted to compose a piece answering the main problems encountered by the veiled athletes. Nike responded to a long-delayed demand for Muslim women and athletes for whom it was sometimes difficult to compete as evidenced by Zahra Lari.


What will they say about you? Maybe they’ll say you showed them what was possible. #believeinmore #nike

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