If you are now reading this article, then you suspect that you are “lazy” or want to come to rest. Want to show everyone how active you are? Take a deep breath, because you will take a test with us, not like any other tests. Do not cheat, we are watching you!

1. If you exceed the introduction without reading it, there is no need to complete the test, you are lazy from the rank of knight

2. Every day you decide to sleep early, but you end up in instagram hours before sunrise

3. Program more than five wake-up alarms every morning

4. Leave your phone to charge while you’re asleep, despite the legend of the house you … know the story

5. You are the people who caused this

7. You are from 567,809 people classified by … Do not tire yourself by reading the number

8. The absence of number six was not observed

9. Check the number of this question

10. You are smiling now