Tattoos, this can be beautiful or really outdated. So if you think about getting a tattoo, know that there are some models to avoid, because after all, a tattoo should be unique no?

Like any timeless art, tattoos evolve over trends. Elaborate or minimalist, monochromatic or full of colors, there is something for everyone. Besides, the flowery tattoos are all the rage at this moment, and we, we adore! However, when we think about getting (again) tattooed and sometimes looking for inspiration on Pinterest, it is possible to come across models which, we must confess, are a little obsolete, see Which come out squarely through our eyes. But what are these models that we saw and reviewed?

The sign of peace

Simply traced with fine black lines or made with flowers, one no longer counts the number of people who have a sign of peace tattooed on their skin. But we’re no longer in the Woodstock era and your hippie phase will not necessarily last forever … ☮️✌️

Chinese Signs

The small inconvenience with foreign alphabets is that it may be difficult to check the spelling or even the meaning of the words. And then how to say … The Chinese signs, it was trend in the years 2000.

The sign of infinity

Yes the sign of infinity has been very trendy and it remains very cute. This is nonetheless a scientific sign, and unfortunately, printed on our skin it can not help us solve the equations 😉


A few years ago, it was also the great fashion of feathers, but today: too many feathers kill the pen!

The triskele

Yes, we could see a link with the sun since in the Celtic culture, the triskele represents the rising, the zenith and the setting. But is it going a bit far not? So, unless you have Celtic ancestors, the triskele is seen and seen again.

The triangles

Of course, a triangle drawn in such and such a direction represents the fire. In the other direction, the earth. Two triangles: the air; And that goes on indefinitely. But we must admit that past the “all cute tiny tattoo” and its side “hipster chic”, the trend triangle begins to be a little outdated.

The constellations

Because one prefers widely to see real constellations sparkle in a clear sky, all wrapped in a big blanket, rather than seeing them in a tiny on his arm.

The Dolphins

Did you know that dolphins are not as harmless as you think they may even be aggressive? And then these marine mammals will be much happier to swim in the ocean than on your skin.

The name of his / her dear / dear and tender

Surely one of our favorites: the name of his lover, that we get tattooed to proclaim his love. There is nothing more permanent than a tattoo so if your relationship is a bit stormy, it may be better to avoid doing so.

The floor key

Certainly you can be a fan of music, it is not for that that you will make a career like Rock star or like producer for a famous label (but if this is the case we withdraw what we just said) . Instead, assume your love for the music by linking the concerts!

The anchors

It must be admitted that the tiny anchors, drawn in the hollow of your ankle, it remains cute. But many people think the same and that’s the problem!