Goodbye ? Do not see him again? This is the kind of question that arises when a date goes well. For the more dropped of you, we thought of a little guide. Demonstration.

We can say that the life of a couple is not simple, what happens before is not bad either. Because before you throw yourself into the bath of life for two (note the poetry), before everything is beautiful and pink (or not), you must pass the test of the first appointment. And that is far from being a part of pleasure. By dint of asking too many questions, the first appointment quickly becomes a torture. So if you ever wondered whether or not you should revisit this guy who you have seen once.

1. You did not send the SMS code for your BF to save you

“Well, if I send you ‘Bonzai’, it’s because you have to call me and get me out of there.” When you left, you said that to your BF who spent his evening with a TV tray in front of The Vampire Diaries, ready to draw the fateful SMS. And it was so good that you did not even think of sending the said text.

2. For once, your laptop was at the bottom of your bag, not under your buttocks

Because it is necessary to be able to leave it quickly in case of emergency, one tends to leave it as near as possible. But this time, your phone was at the bottom of the bag and (small bonus) in silent mode. If your date has had those honors there, review it. Right now.

3. And you did not go out to watch the 5 sms received during dinner

You heard them (or felt, depending on the vibrator) and yet you did not want to cut it off in its tracks. He was telling you a crucial moment of his childhood and that, it does not cut. Result, you have 15 000 answers to type on returning but we do not care: the evening was good.

4. You listened to what he had to tell you

So long as you have completely different passions, and if he thinks of explaining his own, chances are that you will lose. For example, but please really, if it explains super well, then you will make the effort to listen. Not trying to understand (should not exaggerate) but at least listen.

5. You did not want to put it back

He was polite, gallant and even left a tip to the waiter. Not really, it is well brought up and you did not need to emphasize your cynicism of the closet: here is a good reason to see it again.

6. You did not have to do the conversation

Ah, this moment when you have to force yourself to talk about the weather … when you do not know what to say for a date, the evening quickly turns into a nightmare. But if, on the contrary, the conversation is natural, then you know that there will be no annoying moments the next time.

7. Because you feel like it, simply

You know what you say, you only have one life. So in the same way that you would be advised to eat the damn cake, you are advised to remember it if really, you want it.