There it’s finished. After months (or years), we must start again in the unbearable plot of celibacy. One feels alone and abandoned but fortunately, the series are there!

When a relationship ends, you often want to stay locked up. The program is to zoner in the lounge jogging and watching series while eating ice – history to forget that we are alone. While the series would help us find work (it’s true), there are some that help us overcome a break. Yes, but what are the best?

NEW GIRL – Because the disappointments of Zooey Deschanel make us forget ours

When the series begins, Jess must overcome his own breakup (remember that his boyfriend deceived her). She arrives in a roommate with three boys and obviously, all that is synonymous with changes. To see them struggle with their disappointments reminds us that we are not alone and in addition, it is funny.

GIRLS – For girl power and squeaky humor

Girls is the story of four girls trying to find their place in New York, and it’s complicated, they’re all different, they all have different histories and characters, and that’s exactly what Makes their group unique and homogeneous Somewhere we find ourselves in Girls – because there will inevitably be a heroine to identify with, and it feels good.

SEX AND THE CITY – For virtual shopping and because Carrie is the solution to everything

Carrie may have found love with Big, but their story has been complicated. But beyond that, Sex and the City is the best way to make virtual window-shopping for inspiration: you know what you say, after a break, it’s best to change everything. There you will be spoiled for choice!