Organizers did not produce the series 13 Reasons Why, which was released on NetFlix on March 31, imagine that in a matter of a few days, it will spread this series in the world such as the spread like wildfire and become in less than two weeks more series watch in the world and even more series success Netflix at all After only one day of its launch, fed up with social networking images of serial sites and the views of viewers around him are making it difficult to ignore this work or just bypass the view to know the reason behind all this success, the hardest, he is trying to watch all the episodes without an image or publication burn you The most important events and scenes in touch Tuberculosis.

After reading most of the opinions on these sites, we noticed that the opinions were divided into three basic views, the first view that it is a good work but it is dismal and not suitable for people suffering from mental illness or suicidal tendencies, while the view of the second view that it is one of the best serials ever And the third group sees it as boring, exaggerated and trivial, and in no way worth the noise.

Since opinions are not discussed, we will not attempt to misrepresent or misrepresent these three, but we will attempt, as viewers of the series, to present our own opinion that you may agree with and may differ.

The story of the series

The first is Clay, a good-hearted, high-spirited teenager who suffers from a somewhat weak personality that prevents him from reaching his goals or even expressing his feelings or even defending himself many times. A series of tapes that once started to listen to discover that it is by the “heroine”, the second heroine of the series, his close friend who had feelings to hide from all, which put an end to her life a short while ago, but before she died, she recorded three Ten films explaining the reasons for the suicide decision.

Thus, we follow the journey of “Clay” while listening to the tapes and learn about his life and the impact of suicide, “Hannah” on him and his life and personality and the lives of those close to her and on top of her parents, as we learn each episode, while listening to one of the tapes, a part of the life of ” “And one of the reasons that each time represents the work of one of her colleagues in high school, in the sense that we know during the series of thirteen people considered” Hannah “the reason for her departure.

The series relies mainly on the “flashback” in a wonderful smooth way that quickly transforms us from the present to the past and vice versa without changing the places, and that the series does not give us a small “gift” in the first episode because we were able to easily distinguish between events in different times given The speed and perfect photography that gives the feeling that we are still in the same scene and we see a long shot instead of being aware that we are in a different time, on the other hand, the nature of ambiguity, excitement and suspense and sudden endings are very frequent events, believe me, except if you are a victim of burning Events due to a Friends or a site, you will not be able to guess most of the ends of the episodes of the series, this is a fun (and sometimes painful and traumatic) in the matter.

Gloomy series or hidden message?

Honestly, I do not find that the series melancholic degree is it a danger to people with mental illness or degree pays with people to commit suicide, yes, it is true that it shows us little by little how to transform a beautiful girl full of feminine life to a human being crashed her soul into fragments no longer think only to leave to rest It is true that it shows us the terrible effects of bullying on the psyche, personality and human life, but to work another face we begin to recognize it as we get closer to the last episodes, as we begin feeling the message of the series that was not made to break our feelings and paid to remember the suffering of high school and adolescence Attention to the extent of ill-treatment of a group of people to us or even realize how much that our lives miserable and tired, to the extent that has been presented to us, in my personal opinion, the message that:

First: Beware of your actions and watch your actions that you may not pay them any thought or attention, it might be the straw that divide the camel’s back and pushing a person psychologically destructive to take a shocking decision about his life.

Second: Do not hesitate to acknowledge your feelings or closer to the people around you, maybe there is someone in dire need of a friend, or even a good word sends themselves hope again.

A noble … and some exaggerations

It is true that the series enjoys the atmosphere of very serious and influential in general, but I can not hide my feeling kind of boredom during the endless for some episodes, especially in the first half of the series, and why I felt that I wasted an hour of my time watching something trivial, so I see-I suspect that many Join me Alroa- that the series was possible to shorten the ten episodes only and perhaps less, because some say well-Bed- “reasons” told by “Hannah” was actually trivial and excessively high (as a “Zack” for example).

I know it probably meant that things are very trivial may be a significant impact on some people, but the character “Hannah” itself has been presented very provocatively in many of the stations, they are ready to blame the many people on the destruction of her life, even if what They do something simple or understandable, and it is very possible that one of them breaks up or asks him to turn away from her face and then she asks with pain why he felt bad or why he left. I do not know if not many find this disturbing but it was for me, on my sympathy with the character, it is unreasonable that the same person is the focus of the world is expected Everyone has a working perfectly, while he himself treated many people badly!, So I was not able to understand this and partial sense of the impact of these “simple things” on the psyche of Hannah because the latter deal likewise with others.

Series 13 Reasons Why personalities

The characters presented by the series are the most powerful elements and the most powerful reasons to attract our attention and we pushed to continue to watch more episodes, the crew that was chosen ideal without exaggeration and did a very wonderful work in making us laugh, angry, waiting and surprised and perhaps make us cry as well and especially Dylan Minnet (Clay), Katharine Langford (Hannah), Alicia Boy (Jessica), Justin Brentis (Bryce), Ross Butler (Zack), Miles Heyzer (Alex) , Christian Navarro (Tony), and Brandon Laarquinte (Jeff).

Which I would like to talk about at length, but just talking to them or the characters of most of them and their development or even being good or evil is a true burn of events, because the series introduces us to the secrets of their thoughts and backgrounds and their personalities in parallel with more knowledge of the life of Hannah, Everyone at the beginning of the series that they are good and simple, it is from them as well and who is not? I suggest you watch the series to discover yourself, it is certainly worth your time, just remember not to be dragged behind the exaggerated praise so as not to be disappointed when your views do not match the expectations that you have built.

Have you seen the series? What do you think of it? Share the comments.