Nowadays, music stars surround themselves with the most talented DJs to cart the charts. Focus!

Place to music! Our dear stars are never short of ideas to offer us original titles and that make move. Now, they surround themselves with the best and especially with some artists who have more and more the odds. We are talking about these famous DJs like a certain Calvin Harris! As famous as a singer, the latter rhyme successfully. Yes, when a celebrity associates with a DJ, it is the cardboard guaranteed. They are therefore very numerous to make featuring so that they are broadcast on the radio stations as in night club. And then, we are not going to lie, the fruit of their duo then sells like hotcakes 😝 What are all these stars who swear by the DJ? Zoom !

1. Sia

On ne compte plus le nombre de featuring que Sia a fait avec David Guetta ! Entre “Titanium” et “She Wolf”, la liste est longue.

2. Louis Tomlinson

Louis leaves aside the One Direction to launch “Just Hold On” with Steve Aoki. The result is there.

3. Nicki Minaj

Just like Sia, Nicki Minaj is a big fan of featuring. When she does not do it with her friends rappers, the beautiful is unleashed with David Guetta. We’re fans!

4. Beyoncé

Queen B does not often do duos but when she does, it does not go unnoticed. With Naughty Boy and more recently with DJ Khaled, she really sends heavy!

5. The Weeknd

To create the “new” The Weeknd, the singer surrounded the French duo Daft Punk and it decoffe.

6. Rihanna

Between Rihanna and Calvin Harris, it’s a great music story! After “We Found Love”, our dear Riri returns with “This Is What You Came For”. And let’s not forget his duet with David Guetta “Who’s That Chick” of course!

7. Justin Bieber

When Justin Bieber works with Skrillex or with Major Lazer, the rendering can only be satisfying!

8. Selena Gomez

Selena does not deviate from the rule! The beautiful brunette starts with Zedd to finish with Kygo … Born then “It Is not Me” that will definitely be the tube of this year 2017!

9. Bebe rexha

The best songs of the summer of 2016, produced by Martin Garrix & Bebe rexha, the name of single “In The Name Of Love”