Rihanna, Selena Gomez … 5 singers, 5 sharp styles that inspire us

If we are inspired by fashion models such as the sisters Hadid or Kendall Jenner, there are some singers who, by their styles, inspire us just as much. The proof by 5.

It is clear that in the music industry, some artists stand out. They have a universe, style and personality that make them inspire us – both personally and in terms of dress. The proof.


Rihanna, it is the singer who always has a tendency of advance. She dares everything, from green fur to total camouflage look through imposing dresses. Wherever she goes, it makes a sensation and that’s precisely why we love her.



If Selena Gomez can boast of having broken the records of Likes on Instagram, she is also one of the stars to whom we can identify. We are not going to lie, it is easier to go out in boots, denim shorts and baroque jacket than transparent leggings.



Ah, Lady Gaga. They will have done everything from the dress made up of meat to red carpet in underwear. If his style is not at all imitable, it will at least have taught us one thing: we must dare. We will never go so far as wearing red platforms and an electric blue coat (as strong as we like David Bowie), but by dint of seeing it, we gradually learn to wear coins that we thought would be too showy “Before.



It will not take long for Christine & The Queens to seduce the world with her debut album. But we, what seduces us, is his style. The Androgyne look is not new (promoted by Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourg or Lou Doillon) but with it, it has risen in rank: Christine & The Queens is the ambassador of the androgyne 2.0 and it does good , A bit of novelty.



Hayley Williams is the free electron: it is inspired by all styles of clothing from the rock and it emerges a particular style and personal. Whether it is in monochrome red for a clip or in total chequery look for a shooting, it does not hurt badly what the world thinks and makes the female rock. And we thank her for that.

Of course, other singers are just as inspiring: Katy Perry is as tacky as her songs make us want to put a little more color in our cabinets while Miley Cyrus helps us to decomplex – but not too much anyway, huh. Still, in the music industry, we have some inspiring models.

Eva Silver

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