Oh sadness! Pretty Little Liars, it’s almost over. So it’s time to come back to the most shocking secrets of the series.

Pretty Little Liars, not to be confused with Big Little Lies, ends in a few weeks (and we still can not get over it). If, like us, you have passed from joy to tears, through stupor over the misadventures of Spencer, Aria, Hannah and Emily, congratulations, you are part of the PLL addicts club. That is to ? Who killed Alison? You even think you can be incollable on all the secrets of the Liars. It must be confessed that during seven seasons, the writers have played with our nerves and we sometimes wondered how such twists could be possible. Back on those WTF revelations that marked the series.

⚠⚠ Attention, some of them concern the current season; Then if you do not want to be spoiled, do not read further. ⚠⚠

Jenna has recovered the sight

At one of the many flash-blacks, we had learned how Jenna had become blind. However, in PLL, nothing is ever definitive and, theatrical, the young woman appears without her black glasses: she has seen the light (literally). Indeed, Jenna covers the view … at least the time of a few episodes.

Jason is the half-brother of Spencer

If relations between Spencer and his parents (and his sister) were already somewhat complicated, the discovery of a half-brother did not help to strengthen the ties. Especially when the young woman learned that the fruit of the bond between Jessica DiLaurentis and her father was none other than Jason, Alison’s rather broken brother.

Ezra knew Alison before meeting the other “Liars”

It would seem that the age difference in a relationship does not disturb Ezra and that he even has a preference for high school girls. Because before she met Aria (well, the young man did not know she was still in high school), Ezra already knew Alison. Which also led him to be suspected of being A by the Liars.

Melissa thought that Spencer had killed Alison