Brace yourseleves, summer is coming! And when it comes, the galleys of the girls begin. Waxing, jersey, summer wardrobe, in short, the expenses do not end any more. For you, all those things a girl says when she wants to buy a swimsuit. We compassionate girls!

1. “But how am I going to hide it? “

2. One or two rooms?

3. All I hope is that no one will buy the same!

… There are just 4 different sizes in the department, but you persist in believing that this swimsuit will be unique.

4. You search for hours and hours and you end up telling you

It’s good blach! My jersey from last year, it was top!

5. In short you want to: Find a jersey that hides the maximum but reveals what it takes

6. And when, you find the dream shirt …

You regret having flashed on discovering its price.

7. And if you OSES buy it you say “I hope I will not regret my choice one hour after purchase”

8. If you’ve been in a couple for a long time, it’s getting harder!

9. If you are single by cons: “I do not care, it’s time to turn heads”

Coquine …

10. When you finally find your happiness, you wonder if once tanned the jersey will always go to you

Ah, girls ..