Many Generation Generation X people are still looking at the technology today with a bit of arrogance, especially that of the Millennium Generation as a culture and lifestyle, from the Internet to smartphones rather than video games, and their first holiday is a waste of time This may have been true in the past, but that is no longer true today, as many industries have moved to the Internet, and even new industries have been built on them, and entertainment itself has become a source of profit for many individuals. YouTube, and many more J which rotate millions and possibly tens of millions of their respective owners, and the latest technology craze reached is the profit from video games.

The fact of profit from the Twitch and Fortnite!

Richard Tyler Blevins, known in the community as #Ninja, earns a monthly income of just $ 500,000 from Fortnite.

Fortnightly first appeared in July 2017 and spread viral to become one of the most popular group games in the world today, and entered the halls, houses, and everywhere until it became a world championships in a way like real sports.

The 27-year-old Ninja brings his fortunes to Fortnite on the Twitch platform to share game videos in particular, with more than 11 million people worldwide. Unlike the YouTube platform, the content publisher on Twitter does not earn money by displaying ads within videos, but through fan donations from the player.

Fortnite gets thousands of dollars a day, and you get one donation from one person for $ 40,000, and you can imagine what happens when you watch live broadcasts of more than half a million people in real time, how many donations you get Per minute.