The American brand Demeter has released a new fragrance completely siphoned: that of the fur of cats. It’s meowing in the cottages!

As much as the smell of a cat lady’s apartment is not hyper-intoxicating – big up the hidden box in the farthest corner – as much as our furry friends are surprisingly nice. A bit like the skull of the babies (#weirdo), the head of the cats exhales a sweet and comforting scent coming from nowhere and whose owners can not do without. As a result, an American company that has been working for more than twenty years in the production of fragrances from everyday objects (dust, glue, Play-Doh, pizza, zombie, toussa toussa) has worked more than fifteen years to recreate the famous odor Cat fur to meet our obsessive obsession. And she succeeded!



Simply named “Kitten Fur”, the fragrance of Demeter contains the captivating essence of the kittens in a multitude of products, from cologne to lotion for the body via the atmospheric diffuser or massage oil. But defenders of the animal cause, you can sleep on both your ears: no link between the nose of the brand and Jean-Baptiste Grenouille has been established, making the perfume resulting only from a mixture of artificial odors.