Resurrected by fashion icons such as Bella Hadid or Selena Gomez, the sunglasses with colored glasses will make the spring-summer 2017 beautiful days! Here are pairs to shopper.

Hunt the 2000s, they come back at a gallop! While we thought we would never again see certain trends – such as dental rhinestones, in particular – fashion still proves to us that nothing is ever really buried and that history will continue to repeat itself tirelessly. The new piece returned from the dead this season? The sunglasses with colored glasses that we wore in the teenage years with a beautiful ponytail (with the two locks on the sides, of course) and creole XXL. Remember? They did not protect anything at all, they did not leave our noses, making us see life through a psyche #filter, long before the Insta era. The stars, they certainly have not forgotten this pair of Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid are living proof that spring 2017 will be placed under the sign of retro bling! Amateurs of their vitamin frames, here are sunglasses to get there, now, right away. As long as there is sun.

Tinted in yellow, blue, pink or squarely degraded if you are an egg (but mostly not mirror), the sunglasses of the season will pop or will not. Unlike last summer, who had seen the craze for round, butterfly or double-deck pairs, no matter what form one chooses in 2017 – aviator, round or even square, the top of the top – Provided the glasses are transparent. We know, it will be complicated to watch without being spotted, but we are ready to compromise in the name of style!