Oscars 2017: Jamie Dornan, Ryan Gosling … The gun players ignite the red carpet

If the it-girls did the show on the red carpet of the Oscars 2017, the actors were not left behind. Open your eyes, you will literally crack …
Oh, the Oscars! Here is the ceremony of the beginning of the year that we waited so much 🙂 Fortunately, it kept its promises and the show was more than the rendezvous. If we were dazzled by the best looks of the evening, we had not yet seen everything … Attention the eyes, it is not the beautiful kids missing the call. The actors put themselves on their 31 for our pleasure and our little heart took a blow. Back on all those sexy boys who have nicely paced the 89th Academy Awards. Sensitive souls refrain

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock” has his own body and his ultra white smile, and has not gone unnoticed on the red carpet!

Matt Damon

Always as smiling and enthusiastic, the actor was hyper-class in his costume. We’re fans!



Dev Patel

What about Dev? Charming, elegant, gentleman! In short, he has everything for him and he only missed the Oscar.


Ashton Sanders

The revelation of Moonlight was at the top on the red carpet of the Oscars! Glasses and costume chic to the appointment, the young actor did not do things by half.


#AshtonSanders’ first step on the #Oscars red carpet

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Andrew Garfield

Still cracking, Andrew was the embodiment of the ideal son-in-law. It was Emma Stone who had to rinse his eye.


#AndrewGarfield’s first steps on the #Oscars red carpet

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Justin Timberlake

Justin made the show from A to Z at the Oscars 2017! On the red carpet, one saw almost only him and he even stole the star to his sweetheart Jessica Biel.


Look who’s here #oscars

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Mahershala Ali

This is certainly one of the stars of the evening! Sacred Best actor in a supporting role, the actor moved all of America. His style was also up to the occasion! Beautiful, elegant, charismatic, smiling, he will have really scored the Oscars 2017!


#MahershalaAli’s first step on the #Oscars red carpet

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