The New Emojis Of 2017 Show Exploding Heads, Yoga Posture, And Food

Which will be the new emojis of 2017?   The list includes a girl with a headscarf, a breastfeeding mother, a vomiting face, a shocked face, and lots of animal emojis.

Youngsters use more emojis

Face with star eyes is favourite

Here is a list of Unicode

The list contains new animals such as zebra, hedgehog and more. New designs for adults, children and some emojis related to clothes are also on the list. Some new activities have been introduced. A person sitting in lotus position and rock climbing are present in the list.

You can share your food expressions

New food emojis are coming on board. A simple way to express what you want to. A sandwich, a cup with a straw, canned food and more will join the list.

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