Of the title is clear to us that the competition between the two companies of the firms that own social networking sites, two WhatsApp and snapchat, but the truth is not so …; because all those interested in rural technical know very well that the competition between the company Facebook and snapchat.

But before we enter into the details of updated property “WhatsApp Status” Let us know together at some stations on a trip Facebook as a company …

In October of 2010 it launched a free application for sharing pictures under Anstagram name, to pass two years and come company Facebook in April of 2012 and acquires the application in exchange for dollars, and not follow her and carried him all the appropriate updates to it.

In 2009, the two friends founded the “Jan Koum and Brian Acton” Apply Instant Messaging WhatsApp continued to evolve and attract young people to be great, felt Facebook in the importance of the application, which included about 450 million subscribers around the world, and uses 70% of these service on a daily basis, and the million users joining them every day.

So it was decided in the 2014 acquisition of the application in exchange for $ 19 billion, at the time this was coached figure of madness, the two friends could not deal “Jan Koum and Brian Acton” to reject it.

To the extent that the American news agency “Associated Press,” said:

“Five years from now it will become clear whether Zuckerberg idiot or a genius,” it is clear to us now and before five years after that, the entire genius; where it accounted for all of it will affect the existence and stability in the world of social networking.

To come snapchat competitor has different advantages and trying to acquisitions it refuses founder snapchat sale and start snapchat as a company to put its shares on the stock exchange.

To decide here Inc. Facebook acquisition of a large number of users snapchat updates in the application of freelancing images Anstagram adding stories that feature is excerpted from the basic principle snapchat adopted a share photos, and videos for 24 hours and then disappear.

And then comes the update in the application of Instant Messaging WhatsApp “WhatsApp Status” Adapted also snapchat, as if the company Facebook would like to teach snapchat lesson: “No one grows up to, and wants to grow up, Vleekpr under the wings or the next bear …!”

How to recognize the arrival of the new WhatsApp property Here “WhatsApp Status” ..?!

Update the status “Status” of new users access to the application of “WhatsApp” around the world, will arrive for all application users starting tomorrow February 24 feature began, which is the eighth anniversary agrees to apply WhatsApp.

Thus, with tomorrow’s will be available for all property without having to download the application from the store, if you’re from the application users through the operating system “iOS”, will teach her arrival, when is replaced by “Contacts” tab of the application icon camera as the following picture.

But if you are from users of Android’ll phones show you the camera icon to the left of “Chats” tab next to “Status” tab, after years of which we can only rely on small text as an expression of the situation in WhatsApp, now we can now share photos and videos with friends for 24 hour.

Who can see the new update of the status of your own?

Of course you can control at this point by the privacy settings that contains it WhatsApp, so that as soon as the update you will be automatically available to those who are in contact list only access to the case, “Status”, but you can change it easily.

If you phone users “iPhone” You can privacy settings updates your status changed by clicking on the privacy “Privacy” tab, in the case of you Android phone users can press the “Menu” menu button and select from “Status Privacy”, will give you three choices.



If you want to update the status of your certain people from your friends appears, the privacy settings before updating the situation even apply to them.

Are video duration will be 10 seconds, as is the case in snapchat?

No video for here in the status update on WhatsApp will amount to 45 seconds, which is a new feature that calculates Whatsapp did not reach the application snapchat, and of course you download clips “GIFs” option.