Without Netflix, we would be bored. Besides, we barely remember what life was like before the platform – the fault of all those characters who made us addicted.

What’s great about Netflix is that the platform has several functions: whether it’s for party nights with girlfriends, to fill the lack of a boyfriend or even to spend a quiet evening, Netflix is perfect. The trick is that most of the series are so great that you often forget to go out, eat and even take a shower (you too have chained the episode of Stranger Things, as you know!) . All this to say that with its addictive characters, Netflix has succeeded its blow: one can no longer live without.

Jessica Jones, the super heroine badass

Because with her evil look, Jessica Jones is the girl we all want to be: she is not afraid of anything and does not disassemble. A real badass.

Piper, the inmate of Orange is the New Black

Patience, season 5 of Orange is The New Black is coming! Piper and his acolytes remain the only girls who make us love the orange combis and in addition, the series is based on a true story. It’s been five years and you never get tired of it.

The crew of Stranger Things

Because of them, we have a few nights of sleep late. And the worst part is that it will be the same for season 2.

Frank Underwood, President of House of Cards

Because having the president, it must still slam.

Archie, the hero made in Riverdale

Musician, generous, awkward (but adorable) … enough for you as reasons why we continue?

Clay Jensen, the perfect guy from 13 Reasons Why

Even though we love all the characters of 13 Reasons Why (with a few exceptions), Clay is still the favorite. He is kind, considerate and sensitive: in short, he is perfect.

Jamie Fraser, Outlander Highlander

Okay, the series is first aired on Starz. BUT, the episode still lands on Netflix the next day (AMEN). And that guarantees us a weekly dose of Jamie Fraser (and it’s not luxury).