Every April for a lot of news and rumors in the framework of the so-called April Fool, so we chose to be a series of articles this month dedicated to talk about lying in all kinds.

1. Inventor of stories

That broad-minded person who might tell you a story as a movie or a long series.

2. The person who sees with his ears

And many of them, so that he says things he did not see, but heard only from sources unreliable, and more dangerous that it is sometimes composed.

3. Competitors have the strongest lie in history

This type deserves to be part of an international prize to identify the most powerful lied throughout the ages.

4. The person who says the lie and believes it

So that they become an integral part of his life.

5. Those who lie and forget their lies

Just ask them the same question many times to hear a variety of answers.

6. “Who has knowledge of everything”

This person automatically lies because he understands in all areas and fields even that he has never heard of.

Welcome April 😁