Lucifer: “I can not read people’s minds. I’m not good. People just like to tell me things.”

Lucifer, the Devil or the light-holder in Latin and Prothius the fire thief for human beings in Greek mythology, the planet of Venus or Venus in the astronomy, Satan in heavenly religions, the fallen angel of mankind seeking to evade evil, what would happen if Lucifer sought to help humanity and help Are they abandoning their wicked nature and instinct that tend to harm man?

The story of the series

Lucifer: “I’m like a heroin walking on two feet, people addicted to me, and that never ends.”

Lucifer, the Devil, or Lucifer Morningstar, the hero of the Fox series, which is currently showing its second season, written by Neil Jimman, Sam Keith, and Mike Drenenberg. Lucifer escapes from hell after being bored with his kingdom, drives away for some fun on the ground, works in a nightclub and plays with mortal humans, helps the Los Angeles police as a civilian counselor in apprehending criminals, visits crime venues with the “Chloe Decker” Which creates between him and positions including a lot of light-hearted comedy in the relentless pursuit of Lucifer to help her and to help himself to explore who he is and why he is on earth?
The series plays on the idea that Lucifer Morningstar may not have been a whole bad fallen angel, and that he was sent to hell just because it was the best option to take care of the spirits who reside there. But Lucifer has some psychological nodes, making him more complex every time he appears on the screen.

Raise sympathy with Satan

Trixie: “What’s your name?”

Lucifer: Lucifer

Trixie: “Like the devil?”

Lucifer: “Exactly like the devil”
Can the nature of evil be changed? Is it possible to forgive and forgive sins and sins? What is Lucifer’s commitment to his evil-leaning nature? Lucifer says all the time that he does not seek to make people make mistakes. He just paves the way for their own choice, and that the right to self-determination belongs to them in full. It just paves the way for us to do it ourselves.
The series has been the subject of many criticisms on the pages of DC Comics of fanatical religious viewers, but Lucifer is a far-fetched entertainment series. He is just a tired person who travels to take a restful vacation, so Lucifer is suitable for many viewers in many ways Such as: his work with the police as a team and his natural talent in the capture of the bad guys, and therefore Lucifer is no different from the rest of the series and programs of crime and investigations.

 Lucifer Flight

Lucifer: “People like to tell me about things, those dark, deep, dirty desires inside them, that’s a gift. Something in my face must suggest this. ”
The series may seem about the devil, but about the man who is tired of his work and the pressures of his life, he sought to take a vacation to start his car to nowhere, and here is nothing but a journey to discover the self and build emotions, Flossifer arrogant misunderstood by his sense of evil and evil of humor, He also owns the nightclub, the wine and the drugs, as well as being cruel, bloody and violent. He always threatens those who see them as guilty of a worse torment in the future.

Lucifer is a collection of Comics books about personality, and most comics books revolve around superheroes, so he should never be seen from a religious perspective. He is not portrayed for this purpose or in this respect. It is based on comedy. Lucifer uses his talents, skills and unconventional connections as a supernatural hero And his relationship with the police to solve a crime every week.

Lucifer has proved in his first and second parts the charisma of Tom Ellis, Lucifer’s high sense of humor, his passion for music, the laughable and sad moments of humanity, and the suffering of lonely single mothers, exemplified by the lonely, honest and beautiful kidney of a single working mother. She is delighted to see Lucifer with his charisma and supernatural powers . Lucifer, who does not accept to work with her, and this reminds us of another series similar to the “Mentalist”.

Lucifer with a character like this and a good actor like Tom Ellis, gave us something dark and entertaining at the same time. This guy is the devil but he works for good. Let’s have a little fun with him. Let’s see him and listen to the myths that people tell him about, which are very fun. But for him and for the other demonic beings, he is very stupid and stupid.
So if you like comedy, charisma and non-traditional heroes you can watch this series.