You love a person .. You love a man, do they reciprocate the same feeling? This equation is rarely achieved and even if it is achieved, it may not last long. We have always seen films showing us the hero who loves the heroine, who in turn share the same feeling to challenge the world so love. But when we move to the ground, our concepts differ from all the exaggerations and false sacrifices in films

Unilateral love

Even once in his life, man suffers from indifference from someone else. Whatever the degree of integrity, beauty or social status, you will not reach that person, as it is the rule to be subjected to. However, it is considered the purest and pureest, and overcoming it will not be easy but will be harder than you imagine.

I do not know why you do not love me / love me ?

When we fall in love, we are partially blind at the brain level leading to the disappearance of something called logic. Then we do not know what to do and how to make love we love in turn in order to live a perfect life and stories of love legendary, such as those that exist in films and singing by poets.

Why do not I love who loves me / loves me ?

You are not as ostracized by everyone as you think. There are always those who love you so much, or to the point of madness (just as you do with someone who does not care), but you do not react to him because you do not like him. There is no one who discards someone, it is just feelings that no one controls, and do not try to beg someone to share the same feeling because he will not and will not be able even if he wants to.

The imaginary relationship

Every person who unilaterally loves an intimate relationship in his imagination without the knowledge of the other party, without certain goals and may last for many years because this person believed his head of false ideas and feelings based on dreams once they end up getting depressed.

Friendzone is a rich area for each definition

It is the region from which all those who love it unilaterally escape, but find themselves in it for ever. It is treated with infinite compassion and described by brother or sister and friend.