And at the same time, it risks its life to more than 300 meters of the ground, on a tower of Dubai.


Viktoria Odintsova does not seem to have dizziness, even if she is not particularly accustomed to climbing skyscrapers. A few months ago, she participated in a shooting that gives the turn: the photographer Alexander Mavrin, accompanied by his friend director Alexander Tikhomirov, filmed and photographed it at the top of the Cayan Tower in Dubai.

If the photos are impressive enough (not to mention the incredible number of “likes” they have gathered), Alexander and Viktoria were quickly criticized by posting videos and images on their respective Instagram accounts. Most of the criticism was about the lack of security equipment and the fact that they had not asked permission from the Cayan Group. But Internet users also blamed bad influence with their community (sometimes young), just for “a beautiful picture and attention,” say some comments.

It is true that the duo was quite reckless, because the model does not look so sure of it on the videos: she sometimes hesitates, and takes deep breaths. The photographer asked him to stand on his friend’s arm, and hang in the void more than 300 meters from the ground.

Recently, the world of photography has lost two of its urban explorers, Siirvgve and Heavy Minds, who also took great risks to feed their Instagram accounts. Alexander Mavrin and Viktoria Odintsova do not seem to have learned from the mistakes of others.


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