New incident in the case of Louis Tomlinson, Eleanor Calder! Stars and fans unite after their fight with the paparazzi, here we show you everything

These last hours have not been any rest for Louis Tomlinson, who brawled with the paparazzi and was arrested by the police in Los Angeles! A story quite crazy and that does not risk to be finished … To defend the singer, many stars have decided to express themselves on Twitter. Among them: Steve Aoki, who said: “I hope that one day the paparazzi will respect privacy. You can do your work without literally putting your camera on someone’s face.” Ben Winston said, “I am shocked by the arrest of Louis, the video clearly shows that he is asking for help from the staff, it is an illegal arrest.” Lou Teasdale has retweet his publication and is probably also very shocked. Indeed, on a video, it can be seen that Louis Tomlinson puts a fan to defend Eleanor Calder, during his arrest! The fans, meanwhile, also manifest themselves and a petition, which you can discover by CLICKING HERE, is already on social networks. They ask the paparazzi to stay away from the singer and leave him alone. It already has 1,500 signatures! At least, Louis Tomlinson does not lack support! What do you think of the reaction of the stars and fans of Louis Tomlinson?