If the stars commit every day fashion faux-pas, it is these failings of the 2000s that will haunt us forever

As celebrities can sometimes be a true source of inspiration mode, so some looks of stars would have done better never to see the day. Fashion faux pas, any actress, singer, socialite or whatever has already committed and we passed the sponge – it happens to everybody to know a small passage empty. But the looks that follow have never managed to fade from our memories; Real nuggets that continue to haunt our nights as they are rare. It must be said that the 2000s were blessed bread for the fashion police, and we are glad that our icons of today have known this beautiful time. Oh yeah. Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton … The 2000s were hard, very hard. To think well, we are perhaps no longer so refractory to their great return, it promises us great moments.

Britney Spears

Believe us, choosing only one look of Brit-Brit has punctured our hearts. Big up to all these outfits that will not come out of the closet, as its total look jean. But we console ourselves a little with this little treasure that summarizes in a single image everything that made the years 2000. Assorted colors, boots ultra pointed, tunic very sympatoch, cap gavroche … It’s beautiful.

Paris Hilton

Like Britney, Paris Hilton was the best ambassador of the low-waist trend during this decade, with jeans and skirts that brushed against indecency. If Kendall Jenner had paid him a beautiful tribute in 2016, it is his look pink (obviously) of the MTV VMAs 2002 that will remain engraved in our memories. We do not know what we prefer: the bare-back, the waterfall skirt or the mini bag.

Christina Aguilera

Decidedly, the year 2002 was a great vintage side fashion faux-pas, and more specifically the ceremony of MTV VMAs. Because if our heart swung between Brit-Brit and Paris, we find peace in the look of Christina Aguilera, who mixes both to perfection. Frankly, this scarf as a top, it was really a good idea.

Jennifer Lopez

Everything in this look of our beautiful JLO is conducive to trauma. Total look pink, texture velvet, cap gavroche (what you were told ?!), creoles and small french manicure, nothing misses the call. Or maybe the class, but Jenny from the block has been catching up since then.


Ooooh, she was cute! Difficult to bitcher on the small Riri of 2005, but impossible to forget the style of the Barbadian in its beginnings. Like her sisters, the singer bet on cropped and low waist, pink at all and bling jewelry … OK we admit it, it makes us almost nostalgic.


Queen B was not hermetically fashionable, even though she had to dig to find something to put her teeth into. If the singer could put a garbage bag on the body and still be cannon, do not forget this top satin strapless knotted knot in the back; Even his acolytes were better grasped.

Kim Kardashian

Oh heaviness. Kim Kardashian may continue to punctuate our everyday fashion faux pas, those she committed in the 2000s remain our guilty little pleasure. The little wrap-around dresses, white boots, coarse handbags, viscose (OMG, viscose!) … it was limited the good old days.

Hilary Duff

Gamines, we all dreamed of resembling the pretty Lizzy McGuire. Right now, our crush seems less obvious. Was it the low-waisted pants? The pants chain? Strength bracelets? Or was it the blue eyeshadow? Fortunately, it’s not the 2000s that come back!