These little things in girls who totally melt the guys

Most people think that to seduce a man, one must be Megan Fox look-alike. It may be true, but not always. Well, ladies and gentlemen, if you want to put all the chances on your side to seduce or keep a boy, this article is for you. Know that you must not be afraid to show yourself as you are. And because small things make big differences, we let you use our advice wisely.

1. When you have a crazy look

2. When you put some lipstick in front of us

3. When you stretch

4. When you play sports

5. When you wear our clothes

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6. When you wear your yoga pants

7. When you are independent

8. When you have this tan mark

9. When you talk about football and you beat us in video games

10. When you prepare to eat

11. When you have these revolver eyes