Leather pants made new skin. If he played the tough leather he was a time, it is today to the ball that he shifts a casual outfit or glamorizes a set. The proof, the it-girls have made the new jeans!

If it used to play a sulphurous image and rock’n’roll, like the fishnet, the leather trousers is now part of the pieces essential to a trendy dressing. Extremely tight-fitting, it was not always easy to make a seating ensemble and even less elegant. It was therefore with prudence that the most foolhardy ventured. But now, the leather trousers enjoy a second youth. Yes, while it was only showing at nightfall, it is today in broad daylight that it-girls dare to wear it. Coupled with a casual shirt or a top loose, he even managed to put the leader in relaxation: jeans. Kendall Jenner, Lily-Rose Depp, Winnie Harlow, they adopted it all!

1. In casual mode

Gigi Hadid opted for a casual version, combining the leather trousers – which she chose cropped – with a unbuttoned denim shirt and a pair of Superstar. As for Kendall Jenner, it is a slightly more destroy model that she preferred but still tempered by betting on basics, like the white crop top, the pair of tennis and a leopard print blazer. Two ways to adopt the day leather pants.

2. In sporty mode

More daring, some it-girls even gave the leather pants a street look. The jogging soon threatened? This is in any case what seem to prove Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner or even Rihanna. XXL sweatshirts, sneakers, bombers, hip-hop t-shirts, they did not hesitate to divert it by integrating it into a sporty look. Bold but successful!

3. In chic mode

As we know, leather pants are not the piece we think of right now when it comes to composing an elegant look. And yet, Lily-Rose Depp or Ruby Rose perfectly mastered the exercise. However, both tops have opted for different outfits. While Lily-Rose combined her leather trousers with a short jacket set with gold embroidery worn on her skin, the rebel Ruby Rose was betting on a male-female ultra rock ensemble!

4. In sexy mode

As for sexy, we can trust the it-girls of the moment! On the 25th anniversary of Dazed magazine, Winnie Harlow had made her little impression, molded in her leather trousers, which she had coupled with a black bra and a flaming bomber. The great game! The Kardashian-Jenner clan also adopted the flagship, but if Kendall’s test was successful, opting for a hyper-trendy flare pattern, Kim was vulgar. Yes, the wearing of leather pants is not without risk, so it is better to leave the models too daring, molding and holes aside!