If you are a traveling enthusiast, you may want to get to know some of the ideas that will enrich your journey and enable you to make the most of it, make it a unique experience in your life and a magical combination is unparalleled!

In this article, we will not discuss the administrative documents necessary for travel, nor how to maintain your health and security, but the secrets of exceptional travel …

First: Before traveling

When and where?

Life is short and expensive, so I expect you will not be happy wasting your most precious time: money and time in what is not worth …

We have previously agreed that travel may become a perfect way to spend your holiday if you are committed to some things, first of all to make a wise choice of destination and history; choose the area you will enjoy visiting and you should travel “because you can not afford to stay in your city or country any more. “He said. Conversely, consider a list of destinations that you can pay for, and choose from which will provide you with the greatest joy, increase your cultural balance, and allow you to experience new experiences.

It is best for your destination to have a high historical and cultural value, to be distinctive in terms of its natural scenery, its heritage and the traditions of its people. Go to a place that offers something new and different from what you are accustomed to and enriches your experience in life.

Please do not go somewhere just to see the highest skyscraper in the world, it will hurt your neck as you try to watch the summit and will not actually “benefit” anything.

Instead of spending the time and money to break your neck, I mean a city rich in beauty and wealth of art and culture such as Vienna, or go to the territory of Andalusia in Spain and walk in the Bayazin district and enjoy the view of the Alhambra and travel through time to the Andalusian days .. or to Morocco, Russia, Turkey , Italy .. The world is rich enough to bear the burden of travel for it.

After deciding the destination, you will have to specify the date: Of course there are several factors that interfere in the resolution of this decision – money and the date of your holiday, for example – but do not forget to take into account the seasons of national holidays and celebrations of the country to which you are heading, if you do not miss these seasons, It is an irreplaceable opportunity to taste stronger and taste the traditions and culture of the region you travel to, and you will have fun!

Know your destination before you arrive

As you travel in a new country or even in a new city, there is certainly much you do not know about the history of the region and the culture of its people. Many people postpone the identification of the place where they go until arrival, so travel – for them – the only opportunity to learn new things about their destination .. This method miss the traveler a lot of fun and knowledge and details!

When you decide your destination and make a decision, try an online search, book acquisition, or watch a documentary about the history of the region you are going to travel to, the most important monuments and its tourist attractions, the most distinctive characteristic of the culture of its people, their extraordinary traditions, festivals and celebrations. that.

Knowing the features of the place and its essential characteristics will make it easy to set your travel goals and arrange your list of priorities for the sights you want to visit, the dishes you want to taste, the museum that has the most valuable artifacts, the site that has the most beautiful view of the city and a list of unique experiences you can Run after arrival.

Your tribal exploration of the place will result in a set of questions that await answers, lots of information that you will enjoy retrieving when you get there, and you will be able to enjoy the details that you would not have noticed or understood if you had not known them before.

Science is truly light, and light your journey!

If you love creating friendships across the world, Couchsurfing.org may be your chance to get to know someone who is ready to meet you at home for the duration of your trip.

The site identifies people who are willing to host you in their countries and those who want to stay in your country – as you want – but does not guarantee your safety and will not be held liable if you are attacked by your “new friends”.

The idea is popular among young people who are eager to travel all over the world because, in addition to being free, you have the opportunity to live with the people of the region and thus learn about the culture of the country more deeply and better. Are you ready to try it?

How will you communicate with them?

Communicating with others in a country where your native language is not fluent can turn from a horror film into a nice story if you speak English, but not always. You can not be sure that everyone you need to help is fluent in English, and as you are in the weaker cuff you should start learning the key words and phrases that will enable you to ask for what you need: the direction you should take, the nearest bus stop, Etc.

Fortunately, there are many applications that stop you from asking about sites such as Google Maps, and there are applications for translation like Google Translate. But in our world of surprises, you can carry out your phone battery and have to resort to your superhuman abilities , Then you might find it useful to have a small dictionary or booklet containing key phrases and some examples of the most talked about conversations .. Or maybe you should start training your memory – what if I forgot the dictionary in the hotel room?

Second: While traveling

Be a friend of the picture

When it comes to filming while traveling, we can distinguish two groups of people: a group that spends most of its time in photography to the point that it replaces its eyes with the camera lens, and a group prefer to enjoy the moment and stay away from the camera as much as possible so as not to distract attention from the beauty of reality and not occupy its precious time madly picture. But there is a middle party that grabs the perfect picture at the right moment and then leaves the camera aside and enjoys the moment, this category hits two birds with one stone: live the moment with all that it has in the picture to last forever.

The art of picking souvenirs

Travel is a means of communication with the culture and culture of the country you visit, so every souvenir you buy must be the ambassador of this culture and its son.

Do not go to commercial markets to buy things you can find anywhere on this earth, for example the bags of the name of the city of “London” or “Paris” sold in all countries of the world. Instead, focus on what is not there but in that region, something unique and distinctive and unique to that culture or country; such as traditional dress, pots, antiques and traditional craft products .. It is important not to be subject to purely consumption, For the people of the region.

He ventured and explored

The list of everything you want to try while you are traveling is ready. All that remains for you to do is to live the dream that you come to achieve.

If there is any advice that must be presented here, it is to live this travel as if you will never return to this place … Do not be persuaded by visits and quick and superficial tours, stay as long as you want in the places that make you startled, ask for all that intrigues you, Take a trip to explore unknown places, visit museums and art centers, attend festivals, events and parties, talk to the people of the country, and ask older people about historical events, traditions, customs and past. The elders and the old are living museums. My right Take notes about everything that may seem important to you – human memory alone does not meet the purpose of long -, venturing into roaming and eating with people, spend your time satisfying the curiosity that came you here!

Third: After traveling


Travel is a unique experience in your life. Make sure you are rich, and that you do not die for it in your home.

As you sit in front of your computer, there are dozens of images that live beside you, a lot of new notes and information that fill your mind and papers, a number of new ideas inspired by where you were, or maybe someone I met, a passing event or something new you knew during Traveling has no imagination or added great moral value. Try to write about all of this and what you have to do while traveling in memoirs or postings, and quote the pictures you took … Keep your memories alive forever!

Travel is not only an opportunity to change the atmosphere and end the daily routine. Travel is a golden opportunity to live the coolest and best days of your life. Travel is not only a journey in the place but a journey in time as well, a vivid reading of history, human civilization and cultures of nations.