In fact, if you want to play a different experience after you finish your degree you may find yourself engaged in the stability of your career, many will encourage you, saying to you: “Time is not too late, you do so,” may be true, but it may be new and different experiences have another taste when carried out at the beginning of your life you discover by yourself, weigh out your experience, be out of your relationships network, made by your personality, enrich them your thoughts and then become the beginning of a stepping stone to a rich future of knowledge and experience, so Get started now rather than later before your compliance with your connections that increases with age private in our Arab societies, and to make these experiences Ha Za to encourage you on your excellence school is not for your disability, and monitor you in this article, some of the experiences that you will enjoy doing in the beginning of the twenties, a …

1. Travel alone

None of us likes the experience of traveling to spend time entertaining and relaxing, traveling with your friends traveling with your family, but have you asked yourself if you can travel alone to a strange country you know nothing about, this experience may be a challenge for many people They see it as a bold and arduous step that will not give them the opportunity to have a good time. Imagine, for example, if you traveled alone and lost your way in a country, you would not learn how to use the map to get somewhere!

If you are sitting somewhere alone, and want to talk to the person sitting next to you, do not you recognize a new culture in this conversation and a network you might need at some time !, so travel and especially traveling alone are the funniest and most rewarding experiences that add to you and You make an independent person who is capable of making his decision if exposed to any position capable of planning a life experience that wants to learn new skills, and your exposure to different cultures and customs expands your mind and mind to accept the other and the conviction that people throughout the universe differ in religions, beliefs , Ideas, and appearance but they are similar In the essence that makes you feel close to them if you talk to someone and have a relationship with him.

Finally, make sure that traveling alone, even if you do not follow your expectations, will add something new to you if you do not realize it immediately. You will realize its value later, so plan now on how to conduct this valuable experience that may be a significant difference in your own development journey.

2. interested in sports

Of course you can exercise until late age, but no doubt that physical abilities are in the best performance of her early twenties as they require time may be available in a period of study more, so you may regret very much if you do not take advantage of it, and if you think about around you, you will find more choices, you may enjoy an individual sport or enjoy most in team sports, you may choose to sport beach may only do some exercise continuously to maintain the health of your body and the consistency of its shape, if I believed firmly believe the importance of this step in your life inevitably will feel the impact on your life in the performance of your duties daily, and in your health palpation Yeh, psychological, especially if keen to follow healthy diets, but it will give you a sense of confidence whenever the development achieved in sports performance.

3. face what frightens you

Ask yourself: What is the most fearful and anxious experience to get into? Are you afraid to take a test, are you afraid to speak another language with others, do you doubt your ability to build a network that benefits you after you finish your studies, are you afraid to make a phone call with Someone, are you afraid to take the adventure of jumping from the plane ?, whatever you fear you must realize that every moment of your life is a waste of time that had to be exploited to learn a skill that enables you to face this fear, so be brave and do so in the early twenties Before you grow up before you graduate from college, you are lazy about this experience Someone you do not know will miss the first few times and you will be scared, anxious and distrustful. Then, at the 20th time you’ll say, “It’s okay, you’ve improved a bit and my fear is gradually decreasing, and the next time you’ll be stronger, you’ll find that your fear is gone.

4. Try moving to live in a new city

The more you get older and your career and social future will settle, the more your commitments and commitments to the community you live in. So it may be best to go into this experience in the early twenties. Try living in a new city. Of time in a rural town where you will enjoy fields, farms or a seaside town where you can enjoy the sea and the beach. Of course it is not easy for most people but it is these different experiences that increase our life experiences and enrich our personalities. It will change the customs and traditions around you in your circle of acquaintances and friends. In your favorite places, but surely this time will always be remembered as a source of memories, events, attitudes and different people influenced and influenced them, added to your cultural and intellectual toll.

5. volunteered to work for the benefit of humanity

Of the finest experiences that may pass in your life giving the feeling of others around you, you feel that you left a footprint in the community, this experience will not be helpful on a practical level only, but will impact significantly on the personal level and humanitarian Besides volunteer work earns negotiation skills, problem solving , The organization of time, and drives you to creativity and what you need after graduation and the beginning of your career, it nourishes the spiritual side in your personality, the effort you do for the cause or work that stems from your belief in the importance, may volunteer for the issues of children, issues of water supply and clean food, Delegations providing assistance to the country For poor and there may be involved in the establishment of a project, for example: You may volunteer to become a teacher for children for some time, and regardless of their voluntary or humanitarian work you prefer, you’ll discover that this stage of the age of the best times to start it, and make sure that there are thousands and even millions of people they need to help you somewhere around this world.

6. Work with someone who is impressed with his success

Of course, there is someone who impresses his personality and attracts you success and wish to meet him and talk to him, so you may learn a lot if you sought to reach him and work with him for some time even if voluntarily from you, this experience will make you close to him notes his method of work, discuss with him, watch his style of life and his ideas and dedication to success, all this will become a source of inspiration you may make you discover and make your way to success.

7. Read … Read … Read

Do not stop reading, every new piece of information added to your knowledge collection is the way to make yourself an educated person for your future. Read about history, literature, politics or even poetry. Take advantage of this age when your responsibilities fall short of your work and life requirements. your preferences contain books every book idea Behind, and the idea behind every step forward.

8. Learn to speak a new language

In this world, which has become a small village increases the competitive and is very fast circulation of information, you must not represent a language barrier to the weight of your expertise and knowledge in life, Besides that private English language has become one of the necessities of life to see what they offer west of the new science, learning A new language that introduces you to a different culture and different people, especially if you learn this language in their native country of the people they speak. If you consider learning a language a burden, then you do not combine more than one experience. For example, you travel to a country to volunteer in areas that need help. You have to spend some The time, which is a key factor in learning a new language, you will spend in this experience a wonderful time, so you have to do at this age.

9. Write your notes


Km from a difficult position over you in your life and I felt despair and inability to continue to succeed, and when you remember after the passage of time is aware that despite the difficulty has passed.

10. Learn to play a musical instrument

You may think that you will not be able to be skilled at it, but when you do not try and test your musical abilities, it is not necessary to choose a complex musical instrument or to complete its mastery at a certain time, just do it as a means of giving you a feeling of relaxation and pleasure in your spare time. Trust that you are a multi-talented person.