Unveiled last week at her first live at Coachella 2017, Lady Gaga’s new single (“The Cure”) could well be the first title of a reissue of Joanne.

When we heard “The Cure” for the first time. True back to a popular pop, the new single of Lady Gaga denotes with the rest of its recent titles. The interpreter of “Bad Romance” unveiled last October Joanne. Excellent disc, it oscillates between soft rock, funk, soul, folk and some notes of country. A turn that has more than baffled his fans! Six months later, the Joanne era was moderately successful. Indeed, the record reached the first place of the Billboard 200 when it was released, while selling to “only” 1.2 million copies in the world – including 500,000 in the United States. If all this is not a negative performance, we are far from the previous figures. As a reminder, it sold a total of 15 million copies of The Fame, 2.4 million copies of Born This Way in the United States and 2.5 million units of ARTPOP in the world.

And if we talk to you today about Lady Gaga and “The Cure”, it’s because the very serious American magazine Forbes sees this new single unveiled last week at Coachella as the sign of a potential reissue. Indeed, despite the releases of “Perfect Illusion” and “Million Reasons”, the two singles did not allow the disc Joanne to be a cardboard. Or at least not the planetary cardboard that we expected and that Lady Gaga’s label hoped for. Hence, the idea of ​​a re-edition would not be bad.

Lady Gaga, perhaps, should go through that. And, failing to propose a re-edition of Joanne, Forbes magazine suggests that “The Cure” could announce the promotion of a new album. It sounds a bit radical but not completely crazy. Not so long ago, the singer Rihanna proposed an album every year. Finally, if reissue and new album there is not, Lady Gaga can always opt for an EP. Remember, in 2009, after the success of The Fame, she offered her fans the The Fame Monster, available as EP and as a “deluxe” addition to The Fame. At the time, the EP had sold to 3 million units in Europe alone. Proof that the interpreter of “Poker Face” remains a sure value in terms of sales of records. And you, what do you think of “The Cure”?