Without pressure. Not sure it likes it much! But the singer has many other worries at this time since we have just discovered a completely hallucinating image on social networks that goes a little FAR. The stars are also human beings who need their vital space and privacy. Today, the editor goes back on the 8 times when the fans went a little too far to meet their idols and it can be frightening. We know, being a fan is 1000% but sometimes you have to know to stop, do not forget!

Justin Bieber à table



While Justin Bieber is quietly seated at table with friends, hoping to eat his chicken quietly, someone is watching him. And how ! Twenty fans who … wait and watch him eat. So certainly they are not violent or hysterical, but all the same, it’s going a little far.

Liam Payne is robbed of her underwear

During a tour of the One Direction, Liam Payne found himself bothered by fans climbing the balcony of his room while he was taking a nap (naked). Not only they were able to enjoy the view, which is already very annoying, but in addition, they stole his underwear, which was placed on the balcony!

Taylor Swift Swimmer

A few meters from the house of Taylor Swift in Rhodes Island, around 2 am, a man was arrested by the police. When they asked him what he was doing there, he replied that he was swimming a bit, before admitting that the purpose of his swim was to join the singer’s house to make his acquaintance. CREEPY!

The stalkers of Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is one of the biggest stars of this generation and it makes sense that she has some stalkers. Except that in his case, it starts to be downright scary. At least a dozen different people tried to enter her home in Calabasas! Twice in a week, even! Poor Kylie, it’s high time to invest in some surveillance cameras …

Jonas Brothers suitcases

In his Carpool Karaoke with Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas made a confession both funny and terrifying. At the time of the Jonas Brothers, a fan hid in the trunk of their car, with their luggage and jumped on them when they arrived at the hotel. Big anxiety for the three singers and especially for Nick Jonas who was afraid to be accused of kidnapping! The poor !

The Stalker by Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner has, like her sister, right to her stalkers. One of them tried to go home even while she was in her car. Although she repeatedly asked him to leave, he refused and even got pissed off, to the point of hitting the car. The police then took away the man who spent some time in prison. Reassuring!

The catcher of Gigi Hadid

At Milan Fashion Week, Gigi Hadid found herself lifted from the ground by a fan – or not – too enthusiastic. The latter simply grabbed it by the waist to take it a step further. More afraid than evil for the model who did not hesitate to nudge her elbow in the head and pursue him shouting! You go girl!

The kiss of Kim Kardashian

We find the same smart guy who took to Gigi Hadid, but at the Fashion Week in Paris this time. His new victim is none other than Kim Kardashian to whom he tried to make a kiss on the buttocks. The bodyguard of the young woman reacted very quickly and the “fan” quickly fled without asking for his rest, slightly humiliated …

  Miley Cyrus’s tattoo

You all know it, of course! If the latter has never been aggressive towards Miley Cyrus or has ever tried to meet her at all costs, this great fan of the singer is ready to do anything to have it in the skin since it has 29 tattoos for his idol. On the other hand, it has difficult to find the love and it is this that pushed him to have withdraw his tattoos …