Hollywood is a very small world! And if our dear it-girls became better friends the time of an article. Let’s go
Hollywood dreams and we understand why … Glitter, money, cinema, music, our dear it-girls can not be bored for a second. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be well accompanied to celebrate, to go shopping and to go to drink a simple drink. It is not Sophie Turner or Maisie Williams, the BFF of Game of Thrones who will tell you the opposite by the way … But if we had to form couples, what fashionistas would expect? Focus!

Kylie Jenner and Bella Thorne

Provocative, sexy to wish, very young and queens of social networks, Kylie and Bella have many points in common. When will the hot shoot together?

Emma Stone

They are not called Emma for nothing! Talented, feminist and very intelligent, the two actresses could even be twins.

Lily-Rose Depp & Cara Delevingne

They have almost the same career! Even though Cara is 24, she instantly reminds us of Lily-Rose. Chanel Erotic and it-girls early, they have everything to get along!

Emilia Clarke

Funny, sublime, young, single and star of the small screen, Emilia look very much alike. When did a little trip together?

Blake Lively & Beyoncé

Yes, Blake and Beyoncé are already friends but we want to see them BFF! In addition to being the most stylish moms of Hollywood, they seem to have the same interests!

Dakota Johnson

Becoming famous thanks to a literary saga adapted to the cinema, it can link links, right?