Since his marriage with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian has made a real transformation. But obviously, it has not finished. What trends obsess him? Answer right now!

Since his misfortunes Parisian, Kim Kardashian is discreet. After deserting social networks for a few weeks, she marked her return with a family photo published on Instagram. Since then, Keeping Up With The Kardashians has continued to improve its communication skills. More discretion, silence but apparitions that mark the minds. And for that, it takes a studied look. Right away, here are the trends that seem to be his favorite.

The bodycon dress

Better than a tight dress. The bodycon dress is the trademark of the star and of course, she never separates – even pregnant.

The bustier

Corsets and bustiers make their big comeback this season. The trend is controversial but this is not what stops Kim Kardashian, quite the opposite. Revised and corrected, the bustier is transparent and associated with denim. And we’re valid. Besides, if you want to succumb, here are some ways to wear the corset.

The mac (without anything below)

Kim Kardashian is one of those women who can afford to wear only a mac to dress. The result is surprising but to imitate it requires a daring bold – and self-confidence.


The fur coats, she must have a huge collection. Associated with vintage T-shirts, tight-fitting dresses or even jogging, they always find a way to win in their look. And of course, we opt for fake fur if we are tempted to imitate it.


Jogging, difficult to wear without giving the impression of getting out of the gym. And yet Kim Kardashian master it: to break the sport wear side, it associates it with heels and fur. We would not necessarily have thought of it, but the result is surprising.

The waders

Ah, the waders. While we are already thinking about the ankle boots of spring, Kim does not let go of his thigh boots. And the most beautiful is that she found a parade to wear them in summer: she chooses the laced version.

After reflection, we would not be able to assume all that as she does. At the same time, there is only one Kim Kardashian and something tells us that it has not finished surprising us.