But what is this dazzling silhouette that strolls through the streets of Agoura Hills in California? And no, lost, it is not a canary but Kendall Jenner, responsible for our sudden blindness against so much yellow. In the middle of a new episode of KUWTK with Kris and Kourtney Kardashian on March 15, the 21-year-old model was unveiled in a flamboyant outfit that no one could ignore. Kendall Jenner, who has seen Jennifer Kendall and Kylie’s brand-name paper bag, and a Gucci-branded babydoll, have seen everything in recent weeks from the Oscars to Emma Watson’s dress. To create an ultra-sharp look. Let’s not forget the matching sleeve and sandals – when you’re told that Kendall was up-dated, we’re very serious.

After putting our hands in front of our eyes – first reflex forced to face this mix and match detonating, impossible to look away. Not only are the trousers (which we were on the verge of assimilating to a potato bag), it works perfectly with the long silhouette of the mannequin, but the caraco contrasts both the volumes and the textures, bringing a light note to the l ‘together. Finally, we even come to think that it would have been a bad idea to accessorize the look with something other than yellow, and that with the arrival of spring (or summer in California, sorry) Shimmering Kendall Jenner gives us a real breath of fresh air. So impressions?