If Justin Bieber, The Weeknd or Shawn Mendes are now a sensation in music, they all started on the net and we have the videos;)

Whether it’s the One Direction, Kylie Jenner or Ariana Grande, they all have evolved a lot. And when one discovers them on photos BEFORE / AFTER the celebrity, the shock is total. Yeah, it’s hard to imagine what artists’ lives could look like before the show, right? And yet, nothing more simple! We tend to forget it, but before becoming big stars in the music industry, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd and Shawn Mendes all started in the same place: on the Internet. You remember ? This time they tried their luck on social networks by posting their covers on Youtube mostly made in their rooms. And they are not the only ones! Discover without further delay these artists who were discovered on the net.


Difficult not to mention Justin Bieber. His pretty story begins on Youtube when he was 12 years old. Ultra gifted, the Biebs then post many times on the social network. From Ne-Yo to Chris Brown through Justin Timberlake, the beautiful blonde gives chills with his voice. In other words, his vocal prowess quickly attracts attention. But his skills do not stop there! The artist proves that he can also play the drums, the piano, the guitar without forgetting the trumpet. Impressive! And it was after clicking on one of his videos that Scooter Braun, completely bluffed, decides to make a star of the song. The artistic agent shows the cover of the Canadian singer to Usher who also falls under the spell. The two men take Justin Bieber under their wings and the sequel, we know her.


Yeah, maybe it’s a surprise to you, but The Weeknd really started on the web. In 2010, the boyfriend of Selena Gomez who is currently in Paris with her beautiful, publishes some videos on Youtube. Ultra talented and endowed with a voice so unique, Abel Tesfaye makes sensation. He is quickly approached by Drake. Just that ! Drizzy then gives him his support and helps him take off his career. A year later, the Canadian singer unveiled his very first mixtape composed of nine titles. He signed with the label Republic Records and continued success until today.


In 2013, Shawn Mendes also post videos of Youtube, aware that the social network can help him launch his career. And that’s the case ! His covers become viral on the Web. He becomes the most followed artist on the Vine application. And it is in 2014 that it is discovered by Andrew Gertler which makes him sign a contract with the label Island Records. Subsequently, the handsome brown went on tour with Austin Mahone before making the first part of Taylor Swift during his 1989 tour. A pretty platform for the Canadian and the beginning of a beautiful story.


If Cody Simpson is now a recognized and talented artist who also has his own label called Coast House Records, he also started on Youtube. And it was in 2009, at the age of 12, that the beautiful blonde is noticed by Shawn Campbell who works at Atlantic Records. At that time, Cody Simpson already interprets his own songs in addition to his covers. He can not imagine how much his life is about to change! Especially now that the former boyfriend of Gigi Hadid can boast of having pierced in the music encouraged by his community of fans very present.


It is only at the age of 13 that Alessia Cara decides to post its sublime reprises on Youtube. We are in 2003 and the pretty brunette clearly does not go unnoticed. So much so that the daughter of the founder of the label Def Jam Recordings shows him one of his videos. It is a favorite for the businessman who decides to sign it a few years later. Alessia Cara climbed the ranks of the music industry and made the buzz. His first single “Here” goes on all radios and his first album Know-It-All is praised by critics. But that’s not all ! The artist also made the first part of the Coldplay group’s concerts. Crazy.



In 2009, Charlie Puth landed on Youtube. He creates his own channel and unveils many songs. His talent quickly flies on the Web. Two years later, he won an online video competition thanks to his sublime cover of “Someone Like You” performed by the singer Adèle. Thereafter, it becomes a real phenomenon. He made an appearance on the set of the American presenter Ellen DeGeneres before signing with the Atlantic label in early 2015. His career is launched and it is a success!