When the stars deceive their half, some are cracked OKLM by everyone and the result is not pretty pretty

It can sometimes be totally unlikely, and yet, it’s true! At the same time, when you’re a star, it’s hard enough to hide your privacy. And the problem is that when you make a blunder, EVERYONE sees it. The evidence with Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez, Zayn & Perrie Edwards or even more recently Luke Hemmings & Arzaylea … These stars have been SPOTTED TRICKING their girlfriend / guy. Oopsy oopsie. Come on, it’s time for a little return on all those we’ve already burned.

Zayn & Perrie Edwards

Remember remember, it was a little over 2 years ago. One day, the Directors got up and discovered the WTF rumor that Zayn had cheated Perrie Edwards on tour in Thailand. Except that between the testimonies of Lauren Richardson & Martina Olsson and the revelations of The Sun, the whole world ended up grilling Zaynie baby! Unnamed for unmasked, the singer even confirmed it all in song in “SHE DO NOT LOVE ME”: “I think I know that I do not love me, That’s why I f ** k around”, aka “I know ‘She does not love me. That’s why I went elsewhere.’ And then Perrie Edwards came back several times on the subject in an interview. So thank you very much, it’s clear and precise.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

If there is a couple who has experienced ups and downs and who has made a lot of talk, it’s Jelena. Justin Bieber was SPOTTED fooling her girlfriend Selena Gomez, and this several times. Genre as her mega awkward rapprochement with Barbara Palvin … The Biebs also confessed the truth in an interview for ID: “There is confidence and all these other things that start to make you turn your head. There are beautiful women with you, and you create problems for yourself. ” Oopsie! Except that tadaaaam, it does not stop there for THE couple. Last year, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber offered us a mega clash on Instagram. As Selly swayed: “It’s funny to see the one who has deceived many times pointing the finger at the one who has always forgiven and supported … No wonder the fans are angry … It’s sad, with all my love” , Justin Bieber replied, “I deceived you?” “Oh, I forgot to talk about you and Zayn!” Thank you, we saw everything heard.

Bella Thorne & Tyler Posey

Arf, no luck for Bella Thorne who was cramer in beauty. After her separation with Gregg Sulkin, the actress found love with Tyler Posey. And we even had the right to selfies / videos of love. Then we, we believed (or not), to this couple. Until the day when the paparazzi have SPOTTED Bella Thorne in pasted-tight mode and kiss with Charlie Puth at the beach! No but WTF ?! The problem was that apparently she was not separated from Tyler Posey. And so, Charlie Puth even tweeted, “I had a hard time believing what I just read, I can not believe it, no one deserves to be broken that way, and I do not want to I do not know Tyler personally, but he does not deserve it, she told me they were not together, I’m falling from the clouds, I want only peace, for everyone , I get out of there. ” OUTCH, it stings!

Louis Tomlinson & Eleanor Calder

After a relationship of more than three years, Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder decided to break. Except that apparently (and moreover, about the same time rumors about the infidelity of Zayn), Tommo would have deceived the young woman. And yes, remember, he had been caught kissing a young woman in a pool. EXCEPT that he was still in partnership with Eleanor Calder. Outch … Well, we do not know if this was really the reason for their breakup. But one thing is certain, since then, there have been 1389 episodes and the two lovebirds have recovered together!

Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris

Another spotted personality and full bad buzz is Taylor Swift. Well, we are not 100% sure, but according to Calvin Harris, the singer would have deceived him with Tom Hiddleston. “I see on the web that you have started to be a wise girl and go on a trip with your boyfriend. Pretend … You hid my name in your phone so you can call me and tell me you’ve gone through hell. Leave him alone and book a hotel. ” There, too, it stings for Taytay, although she may have waited to be separated from Calvin Harris to go out with Tom Hiddleston.

Joe Jonas & Taylor Swift

Well, here again the doubt persists, but remember this little couple … Well even though Joe Jonas & Taylor Swift seemed to be love to love in 2008 (and yeah, that dates), the singer finally chose to deceive her with The actress Camilla Belle, before formalizing their couple. Taytay, who dedicated a great song to her rival with “Better Than Revenge”: “I just underestimated the one I was dealing with. She is not a saint She is best known for what she does on a mattress. ” Revenge is a dish best served cold…