Instagram is the app that rises, rises, rises … and that has just crossed an impressive course. Snapchat has to stand still!

If you are still wondering if Instagram is actually the place to be in this spring 2017, the editorial of meltyStyle has the answer: do not hesitate anymore, everyone is there right now! While the Instagram platform announced at the beginning of the week to reinforce its war against the false accounts, the social network specialized in the photo and the video has just made an announcement which shows its current power: at the end of April 2017, Instagram Announces that it has surpassed 700 million active monthly users after winning the 100 million Instagrameurs more quickly than ever before and after doubling its community in just two years. Bam. But then, what seduces so much the users of the social network held by Facebook?

“This growth is due to many factors, such as the ease of the platform to connect community members with their friends.” Instagram also simplified and improved the registration process, Brought many new users around the world, “the company said. Undeniably, the new features offered by the social network, whether live or stories, also contributed to the phenomenal success of the application, perhaps even to the detriment of its competitors. As you were told a few weeks ago, Instagram Stories would lose users at Snapchat. And it seems more than ever to confirm!